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Week 38 - Snakes On A Plain

I saw two snakes this week. Tuesday, I think. One was brown, the other was black. One was small; the other was big. One was shy, the other was angry. One slithered about and seemed to wonder "where is he?", while the other just coiled up and hissed at me... before they both slowly slithered their way away into the grass. If you wonder why this choice of headline: snakes aren't that common a sight here, cute slithery critters as they are! Not even on a plain.

Otherwise? It's all work and no play. No time for games. At least no time for medal games. I gave Bombshell a try yesterday and was disappointed - probably won't be finishing that one. I gave Mini Doom a try before that and was all but disappointed, but I'll play and post more of that later on. I skimmed through the games I had installed before summer and realized I'm not really that interested in them anymore, so I uninstalled a bunch. Before summer I would have had to force myself to take such drastic initiative, even though some of them are outplayed since many years, but now it came easy. Their time is passed; I'm moving on. There's other plays on my platter now. Except for Oni. Oni's an exception. Of some games you can just never get too much...

I went to a Dada Life concert this Friday with my buddy bear. He claimed a spot in the front of the crowd and went haywire; I crept backwards when push came to shove a bit too much. House music. Crazy. The crowd really went bananas, and I did get sucked into the energy eventually, even if it isn't my style of music. Not really. The hooks are good - the rest is monotone, but I can see the appeal of it once you get into that crazy energetic trance.

Very little musical talent required though, and very little actual performance. Out of the concerts I've been to thus far I have to say these guys were definitely my least favorite, and probably a lot because of their attitude. Or their tone. The message was: peace and love and party. The tone: fuck shit up. Maybe a few years ago that would been just my style, though. Strange how times change...

Otherwise hmm... I've worked. Picked apples and stuff. Kept up my 2x/week jogging routine - the one I started last week. Watched a few movies. Did some stuff. You know.

In site news: apparently I'm getting moved to a new server. Faster, stronger and better everything! Though it's happening tomorrow, so any changes I make today might not be backed up for the move. So I'll just post this, and if it disappears during the transition I have it backed up myself. If you post a comment though, be wary that it might disappear and be like it was never there. Everything should be back to normal on Tuesday.

On the blog I've posted 6 movie reviews, 11 double-edition musicalish posts (pretty much all the good stuff I missed this summer! And some Bo Kaspers), and here's last two weeks.. The one big task that still remains is porting all the poetry I wrote up North, but I'm getting there. Two months down; one to go! Ciao for now.


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  1. S3C
    Friday Oct/7/2016

    wtf! snakes don't belong in the North. I saw a skinny black snake in my house once. dad killed it though with a wooden stick. I saw a lizard in my house twice. They were both small, orange geckos. The one that I caught screeched wtf! exactly like this lol: worthy video

    the other one I saw just an hour ago! but it escaped under a 500 lb dresser as I was trying to coral it.

    other than that, we get a fair share of insects in our house. noisy crickets, a variety of spiders (from tiny jumping ones to large black widows- thankfully haven't seen any indoors those *knock on wood*), scorpions that seem to increase in amount every summer (even saw a whiptail once!!), a variety of beetles, cockroaches (gross) that sometimes fly, giant bat sized sphinx moths (not inside though), mosquitoes that seemed to have migrated from the south due to consecutive more powerful monsoon seasons each year, centipedes (spooky), even saw a praying mantis a couple times. Butterflies and ladybugs populations seems to have dwindled...what about you. Any interesting entomology going on in your parts

    hmm I played Mini Doom...I don't think I could get past the second level iirc

    well I wouldn't say house takes very little music talent, just a different type of talent. A lot of energy is focused on to creating the right tones and timbres. The timely tweaking of knobs. Not so much virtuoso athletic skills (of the fingers that is) and engaging performance. But yeah, the music tends to be simplistic and repetitive. Not my choice of EDM.

    what kind of apples

    don't forget the pics

  2. Cyber
    Friday Oct/7/2016

    We have only three types, all rare, so seeing two of three in one day is pretty cool. :) Wonder what type of snake that was? Not a Pythonidae I hope (one of the ones we have - totally harmless)? Man orange geckos sound amazing. As for lizards: we have sand, forest and Anguis fragilis (slow worm) which is really our third snake, but is classed as a lizard here. Wish we had som geckos though! That one in the video looks awesome. :D But what a screech! Horror movie sound effect potential.

    Hmm, you've got a snake under your dresser right now? Exciting!

    Man them black windows are scary creatures. I thought they were all tiny, too. You definitely have a bit more variation over there! We have some eh... flies, banana flies, hoverflies, butterflies, moths, mosquitoes, snails, slugs, plant lice, ladybugs eating plant lice, spiders eating ladybugs... overall pretty harmless little critters!

    I haven't seen many ladybugs this year, but they've always seemed a bit rare. As for butterflies, there's plenty of those! Especially cabbage butterfly, common brimstone and small tortoiseshell. Some odd types, though. As for other more rare and interesting insects: might have a few photos coming soon. ;) The one insect we're a bit low on is bumble bees, though I hear it's a lot worse elsewhere.

    Ah, sounds like a good challenge! it really was a different thing in 2D, the little I played so far. Hard to evade projectiles when you can't dodge in all directions, and both strafe and shoot at the same time. I quit playing when I died too. First level. Though just because time was a lacking and I was supposed to be doing other things. Plan to give the game a full day at least when I have a spare. :)

    That's true. It does take talent to make, but the performance itself felt very... uneventful. The crowd was the main source of energy there, not the artists, and with everything pre-composed you don't get the same variation or authenticity you get with normal instruments. Some EDM music really is an artform live too though! I'd like to see some loop-machine performances sometime. Whatever you'd call that?

    I don't know actually. There's such a surplus of apples this year we've just been getting them from our neighbor, not seeking out alternate sources. So it's just one type. A common type. Not sure they even know which it is. Looks a bit like... James Grieve.

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