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Week 39 - Madness! And Moves

I went to a couple of concerts this week - the last two of the year at the sköna Gröna Lund venue: Refused and Madness!

Both were amazing, and on that final one the crowd was huge.

Apart from the increase in crowd, you really notice the difference in professionalism when it comes to international bands compared to the somewhat less famous ones too. They're appreciative, but not as humble. They're energetic, but they don't have as much to lose. They're surprisingly coordinated and comfortable on stage, though maybe that's not strange for a band that's been together forty years. Damn that's a long time. I'm looking forward to attending as many concerts as I can next year, and hoping to post a recap on this years rooster soon, along with relevant music videos and what-not. It's been a blast.

All in all, even without the concerts, this was a busy week, and this weekend my parents drove down from the summerplace with a car packed full of berries and variable greenery. We've packed the freezers, fridges and filing cabinets, and started to settle down somewhat. I should've been settled in since a long time now, but after a month of solo housing it's a big lifestyle change for everyone.

The site's been migrated to a new server too. Did I mention that last week? And that server move didn't go at all as it was supposed to.

The move itself went smoothly, but I kept logging into the old panel - not knowing it was still stationed on the old server, and made a bunch of updates that were removed entirely after the transitioning phase was complete. One morning the changes just weren't there!

I had a recent backup, fortunately - taken right before the move began, and was able to restore the recent weekly dose of reviews and musical content, but I hadn't backed up the late-night changes I'd made on those posts after posting them, at a time when I thought the server move had been completed (which it should have been - I'd been notified that it was!). So that was a bunch of extra work.

Next morning my domains weren't responding.

Logging onto my account I noticed my dedicated IP had been replaced with a shared one, and after a day of going back and forth with support I was finally issued a new one. By this time I'd changed my domain entries to point to the shared IP, but when I was issued a new IP (without prior warning) they all stop working again. Come the next morning I changed the entries one final time, and since then... my functions.php file wouldn't work! But that's another story, for a guide I already posted.

I did an attempt at a quick fix on that problem by cutting out a comment-related script first - after which the comments stopped displaying, and then realized I'd made no backup of the file before I made the change!! So comments were down for a day... until I realized I did have a backup. On the server. So I restored it; it should all be back to normal now.

Restoring those posts I'd posted to the wrong server was a mess too. I had to clear my database and import the old one, and guess what? Things stopped working. And I had to go to work and work on other things, so for a few days this site really wasn't working as it should have been!! Hopefully it's all looking better now, and I'm starting to find enough motivation again so that maybe I may go through those old posts I'd revised that one late night before all changes were vanquished... and right some wrongs again. It's never fun losing progress. Especially when you felt like you'd formulated things better than you did the first time, and then don't remember what those perfect formulations were.

Oh well... material things are a fickle thing! Even if they're not material. Like blog posts. Keep track of your backups people.

On the blog I've posted this this and this, a diverse bunch of guides, some other music, some other music, 6 reviews and here's last week. I'll see you soon with the next one.


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  1. S3C
    Friday Oct/7/2016

    oh cool, you saw Madness in concert on Madness day...was Krinkels there

    I noticed the comments weren't displaying. I also seemed to have missed quite a few posts on this blog

  2. Cyber
    Friday Oct/7/2016

    Oh man, it would've been awesome if it was the same day! XD That was one week earlier though.

    Yeah, I saw you'd commented just when the comments disappeared... good thing none of your comments disappeared!! Looks like you're catching up. ;)

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