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Week 40 - Still Busy?

Define busy. Is reviewing artwork on NG busy? How about playing games to attain medals? What about fixing up previously unposted drafts on my blog? I should be looking for a job (I'm actually waiting on a call from one potential employer), but instead I waste my time with such dabble. Not all the time, but plenty of time I could spend doing other things. Not that it's wasted time if I enjoy it, but the problem is I don't fully enjoy it when I know I should be doing other things...

Tomorrow will really mark the start of a busy week though. All the houses in our community have been getting new windows and ours is last in line. So at seven zero zero workers will storm the doors, rev their saws; start cutting out old windows, start putting in new ones, and for the following 2-3 days (not nights) keep at it till the dust has settled, they leave us in peace; we are left with brand new sublimely isolated square shards of glass in frames that won't creak when they open or let in the cold this winter. I'm looking forward to it! I'm also kind of excited about just being able to take a long walk with a good conscience when they get upstairs and I'm forced to get out. I won't be able to sit by the computer anyway.

Speaking of the computer, I'm just about to take a backup, just in case... something terrible happens, like, they drop a window on my hard drive... who knows right? Better safe and sorry than just sorry. I'll see you next week; here's /week-38-39-busy.html">last.


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