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Week 40 - The Sweet Week

I went to Choklad & Bakfestivalen this week, a fair for all those who share in the culinary arts and passions of chocolate and goodstuff. There were plenty of samples. Fudge, ice cream, drinks, and of course tons of chocolate. Mostly 65% or higher, plenty of 70 and 85%; even some bitter hundreds.

Arla was there to showcase their acidified cream, Riktig Glass (Real Icecream) offered some unusually healthy spoonfuls - with cane sugar the only unwanted additive. Honey and Saffron was heavenly. And speaking of which: Heavenly and Beriksson are a couple of other brands that stick to mind. The personnel of the latter served their samples clad top hats and tuxes - very polite and friendly, and the former just had really tasty chocolate, though there were more exhibits there than I've kept track of, and more delicacies than we were able to taste, and a few shows we missed coming in after work as we did.

They served plenty of licorice, chocolate-coated coffee beans, hot sauce, ecological soda from Italy, whisky and liquor if you were willing to pay a bit extra (I'm not that type of connoisseur), etc. I tasted some sea salt with roasted birch, champagne fudge, RAW food candy, and plenty of not-nameless-but-not-remembered regular bits of cocoa brick. It was great, though I couldn't sleep for shit the night after. Chocolate fair before bedtime = not a good idea!

The fair was housed in the same building as another one for home-owners btw, so we toured that one as well a while. Nice showcases of different-type decor and super-expensive bubble baths, pools and saunas. Can't say I contemplated buying one, but I do dream...

(Sample price: 85,000 SEK for a 2x2m hot tub.)

Otherwise it's been a busy week again... though aren't all? I had some troubles with the site migration that took a bit of time earlier this week, but that's all detailed in last week's post. I've been catching up with Project 2016 posts this weekend, and I'm almost done with it! The weather's been cold. Orange leaves swirl around. Some days the sun came through, though this weekend's been all rain and no trip to Vaxholm as we pondered. Next weekend maybe! And before that, a quick one-day trip to Riga. Btw, I was featured in an interview... sort of. :)

On the blog I've posted 6 reviews, this this this this and this. Until next time you tune in for the CDB Weeklies! Or before then - to some other posting boasting less or most pens. Until then. It's been a pretty sweet week.


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