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Week 42 - All Gray & Ice Cream

What should I write about this week? I feel low on words. Low on much except foodstuff, of which I just recently consumed half a batter of pancakes. I dished out a nine dish meal for the family yesterday too (a present I'd promised last Christmas), which turned out pretty nice! Though maybe a few dishes too many. In an alternative life I could've been a cook, and all but an unbooked rookie. Also went bowling this Monday for the first time in a long time. It felt like Friday. The rest of the week felt like overtime.

It's been a dose of way too gray and depressing days overall - but for a very brief glimmer of sun on Thursday. Lots of work and stuff. I managed to jog a little. I've been tasting ice cream brands I haven't tried earlier, most recently a batch of Holly & Dan's Raw Chocolate Peanut Crunch. 100% Vegan ice cream with coconut milk, raw chocolate, coffee beans and other goodies. It tasted exactly like chocolate mousse, though the cold and different consistency made it a bewildering similarity.

It's probably not the best time of the year to be trying new ice cream, but I didn't try that much during the warmer part of it so it feels like I have some catching up to do. One down, a... hundred to go?

Otherwise? Not much. Better type something longer when I feel like typing for longer, but for now the words don't belong here, I'd rather sing a song or be gone down the long stairs to the kitchen, and even without the sun get something sizzling!

Halloween's closing in too, though our neighbors already put up lights for Christmas. A bit early, but it does brighten up a dull morning. I've been working a bit on my sites, and music, and Castlevania. All things considered it's been a pretty good week.

On the blog I've posted 6 movie reviews, music, stuff, and here's last week. Hopefully, next week'll be a sunnier stretch! See you then.


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