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Week 43 - Halloweeeen! Almost.

How often does a week end on Halloween? Well, wait, Halloween is tomorrow... looks like I'm living a day ahead of the time with this one! And this morning I was living an hour after my time, with winter time switching things up during the calm of night. Doesn't seem like it'll affect my wake-up and go-to-sleep times much though - they've been getting pushed further and further forward with each darker day, and now they're back to normal all of a sudden.

This week? I've been searching for a pastry, waiting for a package that never arrived, bought a printer that did arrive (since a new one's almost cheaper than ink cartridges for the old one - and new ink cartridges are included with the new), been outside a couple days this weekend sipping some rare sunshine before winter drops in on us, and today we're celebrating my sister's 38th birthday! It's actually tomorrow, but today's Sunday so: better. It's also not Halloween.

ThereĀ“s really not much to write about otherwise: life's busy. I've been attempting to catch up on Inktober artistries before October blows over (about halfway through at the time of writing, and getting better and better at Wacom), I was hoping to record some more but that didn't happen this week, and work takes a big chunk of time as always.

On the site I've done a slight overhaul of the movie reviews: after giving old duplicate reviews a tag of their own, excluding them from the movie review index, and planning to automatically link to them via the new reviews using a custom field - I now have all reviews for the same movie included in the same post instead, in chronological order from old to new, and ratings are displayed as per the original review score if they have changed. I'm thinking it'd make more sense to switch this around and show both newest review and score for newest review on the index though... maybe soon. Will see how this change settles in first.

The duplicate review thing all started out with one or two accidental duplicates - new reviews for movies it turns out I'd reviewed already, and then moved to a few intentional ones with new impressions on movies I'd reviewed far back, but from now on it won't be a problem whenever I do feel like reviewing a movie I have a review for already. I'll just add one more to the old post.

The new question is: should I count these duplicate reviews as reviews in my weekly posts, or just count the new ones, since those are the ones that show on the main page for anyone browsing and keeping count (if I should count all I've actually posted 8 reviews this week)? Maybe I should say something like "I've posted 6 reviews, and 2 dupes"... or maybe I'm overthinking this a bit, and what I say doesn't matter one bit or mega!

I'm planning on porting a few old reviews from the old list to the blog too. I mean, I am planning on porting all of them eventually, but I'm thinking I'll revise a few of those each week that I have no other reviews to post, as to stick to this totally redundant routine I've made myself of posting precisely six reviews per week, unless I go fanatic and manage the double (I really don't get how I had time for that earlier this year).

This review merge was a tough call, because it meant I'd have to delete a few posts (which means decreased post count - an idea that doesn't appeal to me even slightly), but better quality than quantity right? It also came with the unexpected issue of comments not being movable between posts, and one of those duplicate posts having comments, but fortunately I found a plugin that could do just that. I also merged old and new post views, and attached the missing images to their respective new post. I've been doing a lot of other maintenance stuff this week. Stuff you probably won't notice.

Alas, the most part of the work I put into this site passes by the masses without their seeing even if they might enhance their sight with glasses! But that is... just how it is.

Back to this review thing: for now this seems like the easiest way. Only the first review shows up when you skim the archives too, and you'll have to 'Read More' to see the second. Review posts with more than one review have a (2) beside their title on the index - or any other number within parenthesis matching the amount of reviews I've left for that particular movie.

So that concludes that, and pretty much everything else that's been going on this week. I'm still trying new ice creams btw. Just a few more left on each of the brands I'm attempting to complete (GB and Triumf).

On the blog I've posted 6 movie reviews, 2 anime reviews, this this and this, and here's last week. See you soon, and may you have a...




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