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Week 46 – Commercial, Doom, GOG & Dead Meat

Deat Meat has been funded! Woot! Feels almost like it's a personal accomplishment... but I really can't take credit for it. My contribution was with the lowest of ranks. The GOG insomnia sale might have something to do with it. It's still going strong, though at a much slower pace now. I bought about 20 games (yeah, too much... I KNOW!). Haven't played any of them yet, or any of the other games I've been buying at previous GOG weekend sales, but I have been playing something! Doom.

With the Brutal Doom mod enabled and the GZDoom port I've worked my way through the first game once more (even the Wicked), and I'm on my way through the final levels of Doom 2... and seeing as I'm still playing it, this mod must be adding quite a bit of replay value to the original game. I'm thinking I'll be updating the Doom page soon, I need to add a link to this wonderful mod at least!

It's strange how I used to think Doom was pretty brutal, but compared to newer games like Postal, God of War, etc, it's actually really tame. What it does have that many newer more brutal games don't, is desperation. Hoards of enemies. Corners. Dark hallways. Traps (tricks and traps is a favorite), and complex level layouts. Occasionally there's even some scenery worth looking at, but for the latter part newer games greatly outshine this initiator. Hmm, better not start praising my favorite game too much or It'll take forever...

How's the week been otherwise? It started efficiently, but soon efficiency levels plummeted. I think I had a cold on route, but I battled it along with demons in Doom, and battled my nerves to film that commercial, and I'm battling my will to just go sleep right now so I'll get this post posted on a Sunday for once... more. I'm still dieting and feeling groovy, no sugar, no milk; no wheat, and since I've made it three weeks I might as well keep going for the next one and make it a full month. Then get me a pack of fries and a juicy fish burger! MMMMMMMMMMMmmm... or not. Not good. Well maybe a burger would be OK. I'll see you next week! Here's last.


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