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Week 46 - NaNoWriMoIng, Music & Massage

AKA The Trump Aftermath AKA... What Else Is New?

I pondered starting to use lowercase letters in my titles, but decided against it when I started wondering if I pondered this because I am currently sick of the routines I willingly delve into each day, yet wish to somehow escape. I want to take a break, but I know that if I do I might not do all I'd like to, and then look back at the break in six years as one long and useless mistake.

So I keep on going, plowing through the weeks! Writing prose or poems, or whatever rows I sow to demons keep away from home as omens flow in, I sleep and zone in, and weep discreet. Cause there are secrets in my life but not all secrets that I keep. Yet it's infinite: I heard a song and got right into it! It inspired me, fired me up like cinder kits. It changed my life so much that now I'm sitting in with kicks, though usually in Sweden we wear socks and keep our indoors mint. But here's a hint: I'm not really wearing kicks - I left them downstairs. I'm wearing socks and a robe, while I walk around here. My life isn't all that I claim that it is - not always, yet it's true that I'm aiming for bliss. I call faith.

It's my all blue. Truth, where are you? What's your number I can't call you! Fall passed quick, then winter in a whisk seemed to fall through. I don't know if it's the dark times or if I'm a small dude just, getting by, contemplating which window shows the most tall view. But I'll: get through it with my music, collaborations are brewing, I have a lot of old projects - and new ones I am doing. I thought I'd write a weekly blog but then my mind got moving and soon I'm fuming tunes not really knowing what I'm doing. So should I add a beat to this? Polish it up, till it gleams and glists? Put the album at the top, of my Christmas list? I think the gist of this is: no need to run. Doing things is the only real secret to things getting done. So I'll finish this, and leave it up on my blog... it's infinite.

Yeah, guess what track just inspired that one! Though it's so old: hearing it now, with the promises that one remastered single seems to lift, is like a gleam of light in one large and spreading darkness. It's like a promise of a time past, that may finally come to fruition. A long lost hope that withered, yet starts to grow. A secret that's been dwelling in the shadows all this time - that changed the world, yet is still largely unheard of. It has a certain element of myth and mystery to it - it was the thing that could've started everything, yet passed by without notice, yet inspired change in so many other ways. And it's stood the test of time, to come back today when it is as most relevant.

Life is not all dark though! I had a couple of sessions of massage and muscle stretching/testing this week, thanks to a good buddy who's currently undergoing a grueling short-year education on said craft. The first session had me feeling great, so rejuvenated it was like all tensions had just dispirited entirely. My posture was perfect. I walked around feeling light and agile, and brimming with confidence... and that feeling lasted about half a day. Must have done some great though. The next session just left me feeling immensely tired, and today I still don't feel light or posturized. Guess the effects of a second massage so soon after the first may not be as drastic as the first after a few years without... but they were probably both equally useful. I need to get more of this stuff...

Otherwise? I've reached 365 days straight of 750 word writing! I went bowling this Wednesday (oh, right, was planning to incorporate that into the title after the lack of it last week, and post a bit of a backstory there - it's been a long time in the planning). I've watched a few movies, and played some Castlevnia (Dawn of Sorrow), and I'm currently up at 38,000 words on the NaNoWriMo challenge... more than halfway, and just nine more days to go! Hopefully I'll manage to reach my quota next weekend. Till then it's work as usual. And words as usual. Oh, and here's a missing screencap from last weeks post. Superimportant stuff. Not really.

On the blog I've posted 6 reviews, some music, and here's last week. Until then, I'll try to break down my routine a bit and so some things new... without sacrificing all. Ciao for now.


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