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Week 46 - This Week

Whilst whimfully tweaking the site typography this week, I ended up changing the logo, the menu, the text size, spacing and padding and various chunks of the layout to match the text, along with one new poem in the poem showcase and two new tracks on the music page. Small changes in the bigger picture, I know, but the first noticeable changes here in a while, apart from regular writing, so I just thought I'd point that out. Work behind the scenes on the at times seemingly eternal renovation process are still moving along...

I applied for a new job this week! Out of nowhere an opportunity presented itself, I called in, and I'll be called on early next week for an interview/meeting type of conference. As tomorrow is in fact a potential early part of the week, and the initial exhilaration's faded, I am growing a bit nervous. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? Well, what doesn't kill you or put you in a coma (early RIP Schumacher), but hopefully this meeting will not result in such a fatal outcome.

What morbid thoughts spiral into my mind all of a sudden! Why worry when you are, in fact, in as much risk of incurring a random injury simply standing outside your door as you are on the other side of it: inside your house. The world is a vast and dangerous place and you should all live your day as if it was your last! Because it might be. But don't stress, because too much stress can drastically decrease your estimated life span.

Enough conflicting wisdom tidbits and pondering of life! The week has passed by without major incident. I helped a friend's friend pack for a move, I've learned how to completely back up an Outlook email account (just install Windows Live Mail and connect, wait for it to sync, export all files in 'Live Mail' format, which perfectly preserves folder structure as actual directory structure and stores emails as .eml files, which can be opened with either browser, or a program of your choice), I've attained a light for my bike when I ride nights, I've worked twice, worked sites, surfed quite, spent a day playing tabletop games with a couple buddies yesterday and I caught the creator of all Sinnoh the night before yesternight. In Pokemon. Diamond. Also hexalist update.

I've posted 6 movie reviews, Music, Doom WAD Ideas, about Nintendo WIFI, NG, days, writing technicalities, GOG's big sale, the perfect paragraph, a long overdue Moto Racer 2 review and Obama... and that about sums up any of the noteworthy events of days past! Check here for the less noteworthy, and then there's last week.



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