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Week 47 - It's A Hit Man

Well no, no not really, no hit, just had to wordplay. :P You know.

Moving onto the weekly summary! I've been posting so much at the BBS this weekend I don't feel like typing up too much, but in short: the GOG sales are over, I got an invite to their brand new multiplayer platform, I wonder if you can use an old laptop battery as a UPS for a stationary computer, I stumbled upon a Buddhist joke, I just posted the tenth movie review this week, and here's some music and screenshots of Prey - the game.

In other news, there's a new Shady XVI episode out, the Cxypher was disappointing, the Naruto manga is ending (!), I've been updating the layout a bit, might not be getting that new alternative part-time job after all, have made my way all the way to the Pokemon League in Pokemon Diamond - after catching all Unown and 3/4 of the first legendaries aaand... life moves on as usual.

As usual. Days they fly away when the skies are gray, and though I'm nigh sighing and lying like hay doing null and no way, days still feel slow when I bide in shade. Rhymes on my tray along with vials of D-vitamin, it seems frightening, but I am OK. As long as I drink those vials I think I'll wake up on the brink of sunshine, time booming by like a sink mine, far away from the vile and timeless, the gray marshes where starch is, music either silence or a serenade of violins. I'm off to bed, soon a dreamland I'll be in, maybe take a swim in the summer lake, like a lumber in my slumber if I... find my fins. Wake up in the morning to the known aroma of fine muffins. Mmm.

Oh, and check out the NG animation beatdown trailer if you haven't! It's for an event you might want to go to if you live on the other side of the planet. More info through that link. Here's last week.


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