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Week 47 – Winter Looms, Time Flies, Gray Skies

This week's been a good week!

I've worked on websites, spent time with buddies, taken one particularly long walk between Bro and Jakobsberg (15 km on a map... probably more by foot), eaten a heap of particularly delicious salad (complete with arugula, lettuce, beans, peas, cottage cheese, shrimp, jumbo shrimp, suriname, corn, red onion, cucumber, avocado, olives, dried tomatoes, fala fell... and I'm probably forgetting something) at a small homely restaurant in Upplands Väsby, been to a colossally crowded shop premiere at ditto, played a ton of Dominion, watched Skyfall a second time (still great!), watched The Best Movie Ever Sold (name, not opinion... though it was good), worked on websites (yeah I know I said that already), engaged in a particularly passionate debate over at NG on the topic of censorship and... well, that's the weekly activity stream. I'm also supposed to have searched for a job and finished an entry for a collab but at the moment I'm lagging behind a bit...

Impulsive ntermission notice on a rather meaningless (for anyone not involved in said censorship debate) politically correct artwork with interconnected inspiring speech.

I've also been digging into WordPress plugins and after a failed upgrade on the Download Script I've been using for this site I'm looking around for a replacement. Hope to get that done tonight so I can start re-linking all broken file downloads... just started using WordPress stats for myself btw, and it's striking how little visitors are streaming in. I should probably do some marketing for this place huh? Just need to fix it up first... which is pretty much what I've been doing/saying for a couple of years now. :) Oh, and today is the last week of a month-long diet! I'm still going to keep some habits, but as of tomorrow morning: everything is edible!

Here's last week.


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