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Week 48 - An Eventmore Week

One more week haseth passed! Christmas draws near; we've barely prepped the house for the first Sunday of Advent. Saffron buns have been baked however, candles have been burned; we all huddled by a turned off TV for a rare collective tea this afternoon. Curtains hang over chairs, decorations litter the tables and boxes line the floor, yet at the edge of this inner turmoil stars hang in the windows, and electric candles line the window sills. Bright lights in orange, silver and gold chase away the darkness outside. In the neighborhood: electricity bills soar.

Otherwise? I've recorded a few new tracks - but have yet to post any of them. I started playing Return to Castle Wolfestein a couple days ago - but have yet to complete it. I started translating a few old PHP scripts again - but have yet to finish those either. I've been to work, and I've been home, and what have I really been doing lately?! It feels like little when I ponder events I could post about for this weekly summary, but judging by the pace at which time flies it must have been more eventful than I recall.

I remember a quick Indiana Jones marathon at the start of the week btw... and I have watched Hit Man now! And Ant-Man. On the blog I've posted 6 movie reviews and this and that. And thus, a very concise post for an all but eventless week concludes. Here's last week (which turned out to have the same title as the same week last year!). Until next blogpost: toast and hog loafs! Ciao.


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