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Week 48 - And Then We Went Bowling

The latest episode of One Piece (672) was tragic. The season finale of Walking Dead was tragic. This time of the year is just tragic. Well know, I actually went bowling yesterday and I scored highscores! But that's just because nobody else scored higher.

In these hectic days before Christmas, these darkest days of the year, we always light up the world with our candles and glamorous glitter and try to feel a bit better even with the sun so gone, but what is there really to celebrate?... is what I'm thinking at the time of typing. Oh yeah, I scored Yahtzy twice yesterday, in one game, with an extra dice, on the second throw each time (!)... but in retrospect it doesn't seem that braggable. Was in a great mood yesterday so I should have probably written this theh, huh? Write now and life feels tiresome... but that's today. Tomorrow I hear the sun's coming in for a quick visit!

What have I done this week? I've worked. I've prepared. I've spent a day with a buddy, bowling, playing Yahtzy, playing Pokemon (no longer with a buddy), trying to stay consinstently active and efficient even when I wake up dazed and never really wake up till days up. Eyes glazed. Better up pace.

What have I written? 10 reviews, a question, about a power outage, ghosts and catching Uxie. I'm writing, midnighting, the lighting still bright in my room where my mind is a kite and I've bright wings...

The third and (I'm guessing) final Shady episode came out this week, just before the ShadyXV album. I haven't listened enough yet to know if I'm disappointed, if I'm pleasantly surprised, or if it might grow on me a bit more, so that review will have to wait a while. Meanwhile, Krizz Kaliko (aka Krazzy Krizz) is battling the Strangeland Bandit for their thanksgiving sales. And Kim Dotcom might go to jail!

Or he might have, but at the time of writing it seems he's simply on tighter bail. I hope he pulls through OK! Not because I admire him as a character, but right now I admire his resolve; what he stands for more than anything. That he's standing strong against the corrupt corporations and the motherfuckin' American government! Huzzah! That video might contain some interesting Q & A if you're interested. Info on Internet freedom and all that.

Also, looks like a new Star Wars movie is on route! So far it looks good.

Here's last week.


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  1. Doomroar
    Wednesday Dec/3/2014

    672 was tragic? yeah, but my man you don't even know half of it, this whole arc is misery in liquid form, you can drink the tears, literally drink the tears, Oda goes down on us mercilessly, is like Robin's second coming on tragic, if we get to see at least the first part of the second half of this arc, i am sorry to tell you, but you will spend this December crying like a bitch, you have been warned.

    But the good thing is that there's that thing with God.

  2. Cyber
    Wednesday Dec/3/2014

    Well at least I'll be prepared! It's been a while since he pulled off one of those really emotional moments. Even if it's really not those parts I look forward to seeing, they are a huge part of why I enjoy this series: that balancing act between good and bad. Without a harsh battle, without something to really fight for, that victory just wouldn't be the same!

    That thing with God? You mean the Christmas spirit and all that?

  3. Doomroar
    Sunday Dec/7/2014

    No... i am talking avbout a very special god that will be born in One Piece that is about the only happy thing that will happen in a while.

  4. Cyber
    Sunday Dec/7/2014

    That sounds... like something to look forward to! :O

    Just watched the latest ep today btw, after so much sacrifice and emotion in the last one everything suddenly feels so... calm... man I hope they don't build this up through too many episodes and completely wipe out the build-up! Been waiting for Usopp to get his guts back and snipe the Tabasco into Sugar for who knows how many episodes now, thought after Leo's inspiring speech it'd finally be time...

  5. Doomroar
    Monday Dec/8/2014

    Hahaha Usopp getting his guts back, good one!
    No my man, you will learn once and for all what makes Usopp such a great character, and why he is my favorite member of the crew, he makes you love him after you hate him (after you hate him with all of your mind and body!).

    Ah you will see what is coming is awesome, and then it will be sadness but that will happen next year probably, so i guess we get to have a happy end of year, well... a bittersweet kind of end of a year, really this arc is just too good, seeing Robin being transformed into a toy twice, and then remembering that now nobody remembers her at all, that as a toy now the World Government had finally deleted all traces of Ohara, that the straw hats never rescued her or had any of those moments back in water 7.

    Have i tell you before to read the manga, it really pays, the hype just intensifies.

  6. Cyber
    Monday Dec/8/2014

    It's happened before! :O Hmm, I guess it may be a while then...

    If I read the manga I'd just be looking forward to the continuations twice as much! :D Yeah, was pretty shocked when she transformed, somehow I didn't believe that'd happen to any of the Strawhats... course I still believe they'll make it out OK in the end anyway, but this is getting pretty intense! She was indeed the right person to transform, considering that suspense, though, imagine if Luffy would become a doll, the entire crew just falls apart... there was that one movie where he lost his memories entirely, and it didn't change a thing, but it probably wouldn't be the same with the rest of them...

  7. Doomroar
    Monday Dec/8/2014

    Come on man Usopp is awesome because he makes you want to punch him in the face!

    You know why Robin being gone is a big deal Usopp plot wise? because a big part of his growth was under the mission to save Robin, now all that is gone.

  8. Cyber
    Tuesday Dec/9/2014

    I like those moments when I don't want to punch him in the face a lot more though! :O

    Ahh, didn't think of that. That's... hmm... not sure if I really look forward to the upcoming episodes, moments like this I just wish they'd get through it all fast! Bound to get pretty emotional again..

  9. Doomroar
    Thursday Dec/11/2014

    Reditt is going crazy about it, saying that there is no reason for him to still be a coward when he has 2 years of piracy to his name, and is in the new world, but then again, Usopp is Usopp.

    Well lets think of it that way, Enies Lobby still happened, but they did it for shits, not because they wanted to save Robin XD.

    Oh and the emotional part is after this, oh man, the sadness.

  10. Cyber
    Thursday Dec/11/2014

    Mmm. Come to think about it, even without the Robin phase he did go through that Plant Island trial and buffened up incredibly. THAT was probably his biggest sacrifice. Zoro lost an eye. Luffy gained a scar. Sanji faced his nightmares... some times it feels like all that character development just lies dormant though! They need to face off against some previous foes so we can really see how they've evolved. Facing all these strong people allofa sudden makes them all seem weak again.

    Btw, how many communities to you partake in?! I barely have time for just NG...

    Ahh, yeah, can't erase the memory entirely. Interesting. They might change character completely.

    ... the suspense ...!

  11. Doomroar
    Saturday Dec/13/2014

    Luffy is getting his ass kicked, and i don't want to even tell you about Law, and we haven't seen Sanji and the others, they did well to run away, the only one doing well is Zoro.
    Well i don't think that Usopp did that much growth on that island, his only non-Usopp moment was in the Arlong arc, and he was quite the Usopp there.

    I just read the top post that are send to my RSS feed, just like what happens with your blog, but i have account on Tumblr, DA, Blogger, YT, but being part of a community? i don't even visit the forums of NG, i just comment reviews every now and them, so other than NG i am not really a part of any other community, if my participation on NG count haha, oh i guess Steam, i have it neglected but Steam and NG those 2, whenever i am actively playing something i like to discuss the themes of the games, which usually leads to a post on Reddit, but then again not much gaming lately other than this:

  12. Cyber
    Saturday Dec/13/2014

    Yeah, don't tell me about Law!! Haven't gotten to the point where Luffy gets beat up yet, he seems to be doing OK. But if Law can't even handle the situation, how would he.

    Ah, sounds efficient. Yeah, you're probably more active on NG than most users there! Just not in the areas where most users gather. One of those games where you don't need to game huh. ;) I'm just starting on:

  13. Doomroar
    Sunday Dec/14/2014

    Actually he even got a good hit from some unexpected source, it really surprised me, but that is the nice thing of OP, you don't know what may happen.

    I wasted so much time "playing" that idle game, but finally i 100% it.

  14. Cyber
    Sunday Dec/14/2014

    Indeed, only thing you really know for sure is: eventually it will end up OK!

    Heeey, congrats! Idle games make for the best medal gains!

  15. Doomroar
    Sunday Dec/14/2014

    Remember Ace? actually... that whole arc ended well because Blackbeard is my favorite character ZEHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    They are such time wasters, but you don't find out until it is too late.

  16. Cyber
    Sunday Dec/14/2014

    Yeah but, Luffy, I mean... he's the main character and all. :/ So far nobody in the actual 'crew' has died, and people you think are dead keep coming back to life as well. People like Crocodile and that other warlord-whatever-his-name was. Ace was a tragic exception to that essence of all-is-always-OK. :(

    As long as they're not wasting your own time though...? Reminds me of how I used a couple of pliers to jam the UP and A key on my NDS while playing Pokemon Diamond recently, placed myself right in front of a teleport that moves you in a loop back and forth if you move towards it, and let the game play itself for a few hours till all six selected Pokemon I carried had maxed out on happiness points and were ready to evolve. Efficient gaming. ;) Crystal Story 2 however, that's going to take a while.

  17. Doomroar
    Tuesday Dec/16/2014

    Crocodile was not dead, he was incarcerated. Ace was family so it is like someone from the crew dying. What are you saying Ace dying went well for Akainu which is my second favorite character ZEHA... it seems he doesn't has a laugh.. anyway all-is-always-OK.

    Na man, i had to actively do management of elements and that took some days in retrospective, just by doing evolution, and trade.

  18. Cyber
    Tuesday Dec/16/2014

    Yeah, but I thought Luffy killed him in that final battle. I thought he'd killed that other guy too. I thought the foes actually died, but apparently they're alive and well and just because they were beat - they're suddenly out of the picture. They didn't seem that weak when they were fighting. Then there's Bellamy, another one I'd presumed dead... and I wouldn't be surprised if the Swan guy makes a re-appearance either. Since we didn't actually see him die. Man I mean it definitely didn't go well for Ace, but that was all the bigger a surprise just because it usually always does!

    Ahh, doesn't sound like the idling ideal after all!

  19. Doomroar
    Tuesday Dec/16/2014

    How can you even suggest that Bon-chan a hero of the people is dead? the nerve of you blasphemer! he was just unable to leave with them, BON-CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! T_T
    Bellamy never died, he just won his duel when Doflamingo made him fight his crewmate, the condition was that whoever came victorious had another chance.

    It was a not so idle idle game.

  20. Cyber
    Tuesday Dec/16/2014

    Yeah, you see? Nobody ever dies. :/ As for Bellamy, I thought he'd died a few hundred episodes ago when Don Flamingo finished him off. Apparently it's like Pokemon though, everybody just faints. Except Ace.

    Mmm, not idle at all!

  21. Doomroar
    Thursday Dec/18/2014

    Everyone can go and die except Bon-chan, he earned eternal life for his not once but double friendship golden sacrifice, probably my only favorite gay character in an anime, Oda knows how to make his stuff, if i think about it i can't even name another Okama worth mentioning, Ivankov? he helped Luffy because he was the son of his Boss, and the same goes for Inazuma, Bon-chan on the other hand, he is a hero.

    Doflamingo didn't finished him off, he used parasaito on him and on his crew mate, forcing them to duel, whoever came as victor would have another chance at the crew, Bellamy as the captain of his crew came on top, pay more attention, Bellamy is actually quite an important character in this arc, i am seriously considering spoiling this arc for you since you have been talking smack about Bon-chan (not like it would matter since you infidel of the One Piece empire dared to forget Bon-chan! forgetting the spoilers wont be a hard task for one such as you, repent, repent now!!!).

    People (and non-people) die in One piece all the time, what is rare is people dying outside of flashbacks, because Oda doesn't wants Luffy to go killing people, however that doesn't means that other characters can not kill, the death toll caused by marines and pirates would be too long for me to mention the individual names in this post, just in this Arc a few massacres occur, of course no one important has died... yet.

  22. Cyber
    Thursday Dec/18/2014

    Yeah, what he did was nothing short of excessively honorable! His name shall be called out with undiluted bravado! And if you don't remember his name, at least those swan shoes will be impossible to forget!!

    I remember, I remember! Had to Google Inazuma though, that name didn't ring a bell at all (all I kept thinking of was that anime about soccer and 11 players)...

    One more example: Sabo. Another character we presumed dead, one that only appeared IN a flashback, and suddenly he's back alive again and all is dandy! As if he's an instant replacement for Ace. Considering how (barely) no important people die, it's hard to imagine that the non-important people die, either. It feels like everyone's just getting knocked out/down/away. How often does anyone ever mention deaths/casualties? It's more like 'heavily injured' or 'temporarily incapacitated' or whatever it is they say...

  23. Doomroar
    Friday Dec/19/2014

    In the very flashback we learned that he survived and that Dragon saved him, the only people that considered him dead, were blind, or victims of short attention spam, you can clearly see Dragon's ship docking on Shimotsuki Village asking for supplies and assistance to save the survivors of the gray terminal, all that happen in the very same flash back arc.

    Really man, i have bad memory but yours makes me look like a genius. Also he is not a replacement for Ace, he is actually more powerful than Ace.

    Non important people die all the time, even outside flash-backs, recently we had Vergo and Monet, non important characters but at least named ones.

    For unnamed characters we have all the marines, pirates, and civilians that die in buster calls, pirate raids (like when Black Beard raided the town when he fought Ace, the people there were indeed dead), or encounters between these.

    What happens is that Luffy is a lucky chump (i call him chump because he is getting his ass kicked), if we had followed any other pirate like Captain Kid which kills his enemies (and also tortures them) or Hawkins (which power consist on passing damage he takes onto others via voodoo, or curse others to dead, as well as see their destiny), or even Bartholomeo who despite how much we (by we, i mean us manga readers) like him, was known for gunning down civilians and was also a mafioso before turning to piracy, or even Buggy that was destroying a town just for kicks the first time we saw it, and which metod of execution go from blasting people with Buggy balls, to sword beheading.

    Anyway, the world of One Piece is one in which getting killed is actually not rare at all, compared to what Brook encountered, the Strawhats had a mostly peaceful travel for the most part of the grand line, with most tragedies already over once they arrive to the place, lets enumerate their travel (talking about enumeration were the comments always numbered? nice detail.):

    Luffy meets Coby as he goes in a barrel, defeats Alvida and obtains a boat. We know that Alvida kills anyone who disrespects her beauty, Luffy is the first to defeat her, saving Coby in the process (no one dies here because there is no active conflict happening, Coby was an underling and the setting is inside a crew inner workings).

    Luffy meets Zoro, and saves him from execution at the hand of the marines, Morgan was a corrupt marine known for disposing of anyone that opposed him, civilian or enlisted marines alike (same as before no active conflict is happening, even under the dictatorship of Morgan the town was in order).

    Luffy and Zoro meet Nami, defeats Buggy who was unaware of the powers of Luffy's devil fruit, the crisis already had passed and the town was empty, only victim was going to be Luffy who was saved by Nami, and Zoro who almost died (in here the conflict was already over with the Buggy pirates having won, and only 2 still thinking of resistance, the major and Chouchou, both of them were saved by Luffy, otherwise...).

    Luffy & co meet Usopp, saves the town from captain Kuro, before his crew arrives to effectively kill everyone there, again just like in all the other cases previously, no conflict was going on at the time, the town was at peace, and the tragedy was stopped before it could happen, thanks to Kuro's cover being known by Usopp. And The Strawhats are officially formed.

    The Strawhats meet Sanji, saves the Baratie from the Don Krieg pirates, actually fuck that, the ones that saves them is Mihawk and his timely arrival, again no conflict here other than the normal occurrence of the restaurant, which avoided killing rebellious customers in order to not scare the other ones,the conflict that occurs was one involving a devastated and starved crew, that had to suffer a second encounter with a Shichibukai, Luffy comes victorious here, otherwise everyone would have died, and the floating restaurant transformed into a pirate ship. (this arc is important to remember because the relation that Gin has with his captain is similar to that of Bellamy and Doflamingo, you will understand this once the anime gets there, it really shows more of who Bellamy is).

    The Strawhats save Nami's town, no conflict here, the town was at "peace" under the rule of Arlong, lots of people were killed by him but they all died on flashbacks (this just like the case with Buggy, except that Buggy was nicer and the town deserted), Luffy wins, but again Luffy doesn't kills because Oda doesn't wants him to have that kind of criminal record.

    The Strawhats enter the grand-line, meets Laboon, nothing special here other that they meeting the Doctor of the Roger pirates, and yet not knowing that they meet the doctor of the Roger pirates XD.

    The Strawhats go to Cactus island, a town controlled by Baroque Works, made of bounty hunters, other than that normal town, no need for anyone to die, except people with bounties XD, the people with bounties here were Luffy and co, and they won, to increase their luck they meet with Vivi and her friends (Mr 9, Miss monday, Igaram), all of them weaklings that had never killed, and which killing was not a part of their agenda anyway, the only dangers were the filler characters, the civilians of the town which were all bounty hunters (quite funny a whole town made out of bounty hunters) and Miss Valentine and Mr 5, they both were defeated before anything could happen to the Strawhats (currently they work at a cafe like ordinary citizens, this is known for the cover pages mini-stories from the manga).

    The Strawhats go to choppers island, don't remember the name too lazy to goolge it, in here no conflict is going on, the Blackbeard pirates had already ruined the town which surrendered in order to avoid any tragedy from happening, Wapol the king of the place had fled and took all the doctors with him, luckily Dr Kureha and hero of the fans quack doctor Hiluluk tried to save as much people as they could, but there's just this much 2 doctors can do, and who know how many died on that place. Again without Wapol the place was at peace, no conflict happening, once Wapol returns he is defeated by Luffy, the only person likely to die (Nami)is saved by Dr Kureha. we can say that the only people to die in this arc were part pf Chopper's herd due to hunting (assholes anyway he only had a blue nose...), and ill people unable to get medical care.

    The Strawhats go to Alabasta, a place in peace, controlled from the shadows by Sir Cocrodile, this guy is a gentleman who only eliminated when necessary, no named character died here, other than some rebellious civilians and soldiers who went against the Shicibukai, all tragedies like the bomb and the giant cannon failed to claim any victim, Luffy and Co win, and the pirates are arrested by the Marines lead by Smoker, Bon-Chan makes his first act of heroics. Pell (the only named and relatively important character to have been considered as a casualty) was shown to have survived his encounter with the bomb, gravely injured he arrives at the house of a doctor who heals him, Pell's scars can still be observed today, however peole unable to found a cadaver of Pell presume him dead, and carry out a funeral, days after, Pell would return and awkwardly see his own grave, this case of impatience would create the wrong notion of Pell still being dead today on people that have no attention at all, or who don't read the manga. So again no one (named) dies here, but people do die, the conflict was suppressed thanks to Vivi's efforts and the Strawhats (a group of pirates who don't kill), if anything Pell's case was like Sabo's for people that are blind, or just watch the anime. This arc is also marked by one of Luffy's more memorable and down to earth quotes and by one out of many examples in which Luffy reminds us that he is a pirate, not a hero or anything of the like, and he does what he wants, i already told you this before, but sometimes i want to slap people when they try to forget who Luffy really is romanticizing the character, the good things that he does, he does them for himself, and when he defeats an opponent it is not because he had the well-being of the people in mind, but because the guy messed with him of his crew/friends, it so just happens he has a tendency of making friends in the places where he goes.

    The previous arc was the only arc that can be said to accurately represent the grand-line, for it was when chaos (even if shortlived) controlled the state of things.

    The Strawhats go to Mock Town, lots happens here, but no one named dies, the Blackbeard pirates are introduced and they claim some lives here and there (explosive apples, wrestling, some birds being snipped), Luffy defeats Bellamy, and escapes Blackbeard's hunt. Regardless of the ghetto that was Mocktown, the place was at "peace", and the only to die were unnamed characters that died victims of piracy and common crime. The luck of the Strawhats is huge here, because they never got to see any of the people that the Blackbeard pirates and others killed, similar they never find out that Blackbeard was hunting them (until he tells Luffy once he encounters him on Impel Down).

    The Strawhats go to skyland, in the lower cloud sea a ship is destroyed, if the ship had passengers, they all died from either the explosion, the fall, or the giant flying fishes, they meet the Knight of the Sky, which saves their asses.

    The Strawhats go to Skypiea, the land is in peace under God Enel's rule, with only some sacrifices being claimed here and there, no one i can remember dies here, but a bunch of rebels got their asses killed in flashbacks about how Enel was a bad God, anyway Enel himself is currently living in one of the 6 moons that orbit the planet of One Piece, Enel himself has become ruler of the moon, and currently has its own army of not so tall humanoid robots, and access to some mysterious ruins, which seem to point out to the ancestors of the people who currently live in the Sky ocean (except for Skypeia,for as we know that land actually comes from the grand-line and was launched into the sky by that enormous sea current).

    The Strawhats go to water seven, no one dies here, it is a peaceful town, and all intents of assassination fail, they were made to fail for they were baits all along; the Strawhats defeat the marines, and save Robin and Franky.

    The Strawhats meet Brook, save him, half the characters here were already dead, so no one really died, and we can see again that the Strawhats have gotten really, really lucky, for one wrong turn may have ended in them ending just like Brook's first crew.

    The Blackbeard pirates decimate a town, they defeat Ace (since they were unable to capture Luffy who went to Skyland) and hand him to the world government, their captain becomes a Shicibukai, again Luffy never encounters this because the only live conflict he ever experienced was on Alabasta and that went relatively peacefully with all big tragedies avoided.

    The Strawhats go to Sabaody Archipelago, slavery is introduced, as well as the first tenryubito first thing he does is kill a disrespectful heretic, in this arc we the audience and the Strawhats themselve find out first hand how they were so lucky to made it this far without encountering any real shit, as they get defeated by their savior Bartholomew Kuma, we can see how Luffy cries like a bitch unable to save his nakamas, which are already being saved anyway, for their other destiny was getting arrested by Kizaru, this arc is special because despite the place being one at peace, it enters a conflict that only leaves a bunch of arrested pirates and the closing of "A human hiring service" establishment. for the death toll we only have an unnamed guy that doesn't knows how to properly behave in front of a tenryubito.

    Luffy goes to Amazon Lily, is pampered a lot, he keeps the wrong impression that he is still hot shit and that given the chance stuff would have gone differently, he finds out about Ace being on his way to execution.

    Luffy goes to Impel Down, countless nameless pirates die, not really a peaceful place at all, but one that is in order, imprisioned criminals dying is actually normal there, so mentioning prisoners dying in Impel Down also known as "Hell in Paradise" (Paradise being the rightful name of the first half of the grand line, and this goes double for the Lucky Strawhats)is actually not worth mentioning. Bon-Chan makes his second act of heroics. Blackbeard liberates the worst criminals of the world, makes then fight each other to the dead, and takes with him the survivors, some of them escape not joining BB, and go to terrorize the world (one of these unnamed criminals was the pirate Byrnndi World, the main antagonist of 3D2Y anime special, his power was to make things fucking big, and he planned to eventually use it to go around destroying island using his fucking big weapon). On this arc no one named dies, but death is not a stranger to Impel Down.

    Luffy goes to war, only 2 named and also important characters die here, Whitebeard and Fire Fist Ace, on top of these we have an unknown amount of dead pirates and marines, it is believed that of the revolutionaries involved in the war no one died.

    Luffy goes back to Amazon Lily, no one dies here i assume that the marines were able to arrest Byrnndi World back, in here we learn that Luffy finally realizes how weak he really is, again Amazon Lily is a peaceful place, so no reason for anyone to go and die.

    Luffy returns to Sabaody Archipelago, some marines are killed by diverse pirates that were being recruited by the fake Strawhats.

    The Strawhats go to Fishman Island, plenty of unnamed fishmen die here mostly at hands of the New Fishman Pirates, on flashbacks we have and unknown amount of humans, fishmen, and all sorts, victims of racism, slavery, pirate encounters, and machinations to overthrow King Neptume and the royal family by Hody Jones, of course Hody Jones is fueled because while everyone is victim of racism, slavery, and piracy, Fishman suffer this the most out of all races in the OP universe, to see your ruler addressing this with such naivety would clearly develop on someone like Hody. Anyway no one named died here, Fishman island is a peaceful place, protected by both the royal family, Jimbey and the Jonko known as Big Mom, when conflict exploded only nameless victims were had, and it was short-lived, further tragedies were avoided by Luffy confessing to have eaten all the candies which were to be given to Big Mom as her protection tribute.

    The Strawhats enter the new world, we learn what the other Supernovas have been doing, Captain Kid kills some pirates.

    The Strawhats go to Punk Hazard, Vergo and Monet die (comfirmed by Oda himself on SBS vol 75), and unknown number of experimental subject die at the hand of Caesar mostly probably kids, on flashback we have the whole Punk Hazard incident, who knows how-many died there but we know that only a few survived, talking about survivors it is expected that Caesar's new chemical weapon claimed no lives at all (when it was deployed, who knows about its test) since the poison requires time to kill and Caesar revealed this weakness, at the end of the arc a way to cure it was made, making his ultimate weapon a complete failure.

    The Strawhats go to Dressrosa, current arc, so far anime wise, no one has died, this will change (this means people dying not in a flashback); Flashback wise: we have way too many people in way too many ways, in different times and places, both named, and unnamed, and important, not important, and so fucking damn important you cry because they died, good arc, good arc, and then there's Doflamingo that has been dominating the encounters, really Luffy needs to get his shit together, or... well spoilers i guess.

    So as you can see people getting killed in One Piece is not rare at all, it is rare from the perspective of the Strawhats, because from the moment they joined the crew they have been some lucky mofos (this is the grand-line we are talking about), and from your perspective because your memory is just bad "Considering how (barely) no important people die", nigga please, you tripping! stop smoking that weed and get real, learn from Luffy he knows whats up.

  24. Doomroar
    Friday Dec/19/2014

    Forgot to mention the flashback of Luffy's childhood (a long with that of most characters those normally have people dying everywhere), you have to add all the trash collectors that were not saved in the fire, and the pirates that generated it.

  25. Doomroar
    Friday Dec/19/2014

    The 5th popularity poll is out, and even after years of not having appearing or being mention in neither the manga or anime:
    Bon-chan is still on the fan's minds. There's only one Spioler, and i don't think it is all that big.

    Surprising that Blackbeard did so poorly, and even more that Akainu did so well! and Oda still refuses to let of of that 50th place XD.

  26. Cyber
    Friday Dec/19/2014

    Wooooooah, this was a lot of reading. Alright, all things in order:

    1. Comment enumeration's new indeed, I actually just noticed it myself. Was messing around with the list style on this page: yesterday ...and I fixed an old list style bug that apparently affected the comments as well! Neat. :D

    2. 'Pell’s case was like Sabo’s for people that are blind, or just watch the anime'. You know I don't read the Manga right? Nor the cover story, though it seems plenty of interesting facets of the story are revealed outside the animated version... I suppose this is a flaw with the anime though, that they don't make it clear enough who lives or who dies. It's fine when it's supposed to be a twist, as in the case with Sabo (I wonder why they didn't clarify that in the anime though, if THEY didn't know he'd have a future role in the series at that point, or if they wanted to make it more of a surprise hmmm...), but with all these other people... I hadn't heard of Byrnndi World either, or all those other escapees (apart from the ones that fled with Luffy), not mentioned in the anime yet are they?

    3. Yeah, Luffy really is romanticizing the character, changing the notion of 'piracy' as we know it, but he is a hero! No matter how much he tries to say otherwise. :P

    4. When the ship falls from Sky Island I was under the impression it was abandoned, an old ship that had just been floating around up there for ages. Though don't quote me on that, as you remember to point out my memory's a bit so so... I guess you remember these things better btw since you go through each phase twice, first manga, then anime, useful repetition. Did you really write this entire summary without Googling? Not even the names? It's a pretty thorough recollection of all major events! Though you skipped that Gekko Moriah arc. The arcs that were later made into movies are the ones that I remember the most of, especially Alabasta, and that was an inspiring speech indeed. Reminds me of the one he did on Nami. And Robin. None of the male characters yo. :P

    5. Vergo and Monet seems to mark the start of a new era, or maybe that was started back with Ace and Whitebeard... where Death isn't always such a stranger, hiding in the sidelines, not properly introduced (to us viewers of the anime at least...), but they really do a good job of covering up the actual deaths. You've convinced me that there's indeed plenty of dying going on, and that Luffy & Co have been incredibly lucky so far, but as the series is about them it's their perspective I view it through after all. And from their perspective, you never see people really die, if it's in a brutal way. You see an explosion or a cloud of gas or people frozen (as on Punk Hazard - but apparently they could get out of that alive) and that's it. So you're always left to wonder: did they maybe get out alive after all? Could they be making a reappearance later on in the series? Ironically, the close-to-death moments are all the more brutal and bloody, Zoro's been through a couple of those, Luffy's been hit pretty hard too, all those villains he beat up that DIDN'T die, apparently, all looked incredibly broken and smashed up, so... why the lack of actual corpses? Why show the people who are alive but in excruciating agony but not the people who have peacefully passed away!

    6. Current Arc. Even now, I feel like I'm getting cheated on death. Leo apparently dies with a 'squeak'? Or whatever sound they 'emit as they die', as that slimey nemesis claims. But then when Usopp shows up, they're still alive! It's a miracle! It's still like that all the time. :( Aw well, not that I'm not happy to see they're still not squashed to death...

  27. Cyber
    Friday Dec/19/2014

    Oooh, good way to fresh up my built-in names database! :D

    Did Oda ever make an appearance in the manga/anime or... is that just for shirts and goggles?

  28. Doomroar
    Saturday Dec/20/2014

    Yeah it really looks nice.

    They were mentioned to Sengoku shortly after the war ended, Brandnew (yes... that marine is called Brand new XD) told Sengoku about the other escapees, and that also tell us that Magellan was demoted to vice warden.

    The problem is that One Piece is partially told by little details, and an animated medium won't really allow you to stop and notice those things, like the 3 cups of sake on Ace's grave, that were there by Sabo and not Luffy.

    If you want to read the mini stories, you can find them all on the Wiki, they are actually the covers of each chapter, a think that i haven't found in any other manga, for me that is a genius move, that way Oda can keep on expanding the world without derailing from the main story: and yes all of these are canon, they even explain what happens in the life of other characters.

    I do think that Oda struggles when he tries to reminds us that the Strawhats are pirates, the same happens with Usopp on this arc, he had to re affirm himself as a pirate, and then he claimed himself as hero, is also interesting to notice that he presented himself as the sniper instead as the captain, that was a nice detail on God's part.

    The Gekko Moriah arc IS the Brook arc, look it is there.
    Yeah i don't mention the movies, because only 2 are canon, Strong World and Film Z, only people die in flashbacks there, plus i don't remember where to put them in the story line, i guess Strong World happens before Sabaody, and Film Z is before Punk Hazard, actually i think that Zephyr does die at the end of the film, so i guess i should have mentioned Film Z, that is actually a big one since he was an important character, good call CyberD.

    Luffy is slowly building an harem made mainly out of princesses...

    The problem is that since we follow the Strawhats and they don't kill, neither involve civilians, their actions leave no fatalities, plus they visit places that are under relative order, in Alabasta things got out of hand and plenty of people killed each other in the civil war, a thing that Vivi didn't wanted to accept, on top of that she wanted to be the only one to die, so Luffy had to smack some sense on her XD.
    But In the rare cases when we see the world from other people, we get to know that the place is full of dangers, however yeah named important characters dying is indeed a thing that starts with Ace and Whitebeard, i like to see it as a poetic end, Oda makes it clear that the first half of the grandline ends, and from here on there is no more "Paradise".

    That's easy to answer, 1 the Strawhats don't kill, and they usually win, when Ace died it was clear that Luffy was too weak to do anything, and 2 it is still too early to go around killing the members of the crew, even today Luffy doesn't has a proper pirate crew, it is indeed a miracle that he has made it this far, if we see other pirates their crews are made of at least 30 members, and from there on they have fleets, units, and divisions, the Strawhats however amount to hardly a small pirate unit, but if this arc ends well maybe they will become a proper pirate fleet.

    Haha, no no, that is the sound they make when they faint, not when they die XD.
    You see Dressrosa at this point is still at peace, there is no real reason for people to start killing each other yet, i guess this in itself is a spoiler...

    Bartolomeo being #9 is like the fans voting for themselves XD.
    Yeah Oda has appeared in the manga along with Pandaman(AKA the Waldo of One Piece).

  29. Cyber
    Saturday Dec/20/2014


    Aha. I do remember the glimpse of HQ, not them key details apparently...

    Hmm, did they show that sake shot in the anime? Indeed.

    That's a lot of stories! I've noticed Detective Conan has a series of short stories about the life of the author/crew behind the manga as well, are cover stories in general the odd thing or more the character introductions? Thanks for the link btw!

    He's starting to mature a bit huh. :P

    Aha, true, briefly mentioned!

    Man I still haven't watched past Strong World as far as movies go! Looks like I'm way behind. And this revelation just in time for Christmas! :D

    He really knows how to handle the ladies. Just lecture them and punch them in the face!

    Mmm. Time to face the cold hard realities of the world!

    Oh, an actual fleet! Interesting. One thing we've learned from the Strawhats though is that strength doesn't lie only in numbers. That's another thing that's always set them aside from the rest, whereas the traditional crew is like an army: they're just a bunch of friends. One closely knitted family.

    Maybe the subtitles are the ones deceiving! No way to know for sure. ;)

    Hah yeah, Luffy and his #1 fan! Nice.

  30. Doomroar
    Sunday Dec/21/2014

    I can't remember, probably not because that appeared in a cover page, but maybe they did it on a shot of the grave.

    The mini-series don't really introduce new characters, they are more like tools to develop already existing characters that go their own ways, it is nice because is like the world is not revolving only around the Strawhats, but other characters also have their own lives and goals and we get to know what they do.

    Yeah Usopp is growing, a pity that the next chapter is entitled "The Operation Failed! Hero Usoland Dies!?" T_T first time he show he is growing next thing you know he gets killed!?

    Ah... sorry for the spoilers then, i was sure you have watched them since both the movie and the special are already quite old.

    Call them cry babies, gain the heart of a giant mermaid; avoid a boner, gain the heart of a pirate empress, punch her in the face tell her you care for her, gain the heart of a dessert princess; defeat them in a coliseum make them buy you food, gain the heart of a gladiator princess; really the only reason Robin and Nami are not after Luffy is because Oda doesn't wants any romance to happen inside the crew (and because neither of them are royalty XD).

    They will need an army for what is coming.

    The manga makes it more clear that they are not dying, tontatas are really durable.

    Bartolomeo fanboys way too hard, i think he even orgasm a couple of times when he encounters the rest of the crew XD.

  31. Cyber
    Sunday Dec/21/2014

    Ah. I do remember seeing the grave, but that might've been earlier on. I remember no sake.

    Mmmyeah, character development is what I meant, wrong wording. Does sound pretty neat. Would be cool if they had that in the anime as well. Instead of that next episode preview at the end of each episode they could throw in some of those extended tales of other interesting personas! Still wondering btw: are mini/cover-type stories in general an oddity with mangas or just this type of mini/cover-type story, that isn't just a spin-off/random clutter type stuff?

    A real cliffhanger just by the way of wording... seems like he might fake his death, or almost die, or leave his alter-ego behind... maybe escape after all, as unheroically as possible? It's getting pretty intense!

    No worries, I think they were somewhat vague, something about some prominent person dying I... probably shouldn't go back and check who did what yet. :P Going to watch both soon. Yeah, I used to follow fansubs for One Piece that announced when each new movie came out, and subbed them quite a while later, but lately I've been going through other channels. No announcements. Guess I might be missing out on some other specials too...

    Haha yeah, he's got it all figured out! :D I wonder how his relationship with Boa will develop overtime though, might get something going on there...

    Each one of them is like an army!

    Aha... it's an anime exclusive surprise twist. :/

    lmao, imagine if he becomes a part of the crew!

  32. Doomroar
    Monday Dec/22/2014

    It was a really important detail, it is hard to believe that they didn't added it.

    This is an oddity of One Piece, if you read any other manga they don't have these things, they just have your usual cover page just for kicks just like any other comic out there.

    Oh he does get the shit kicked out of him... spoilers i guess.

    Visit the Wikia every now and them that is a good way to know what movies or specials will come, you only have to avoid the manga spoilers (which is hard because they are everywhere, but they usually take some days to update).

    I am shipping LuffyxBoa, mostly because she is the only one that has shown a direct interest.

    Not really, they are not doing all that well, except for Zoro, and he is taking his time.

    He already has his own crew, if he becomes an Strawhat it would be as a subdivision, or neither, it would be like the allies that went to help Whitebeard but were not part of the Whitebeard pirates; Jinbei will probably be the next addition to the crew, once they meet again; it would also be nice if Viola goes with them, Sanji is being bullied way too hard by Oda, and finally a woman returns his advances T_T, oh you will see what happens next is hilarious, Sanji doesn't appears at all, but you can't help but think that he missed an opportunity XD.

  33. Cyber
    Monday Dec/22/2014

    Mmm. If you don't remember it either...

    Ah, alright, in that case Detective Conan is an odd one out as well! The only one I've read apart from DB in the individual-book-type format. Good knowing.

    Spoilers but... expected I guess!

    Good idea. Hah, well apart from the manga spoilers then! There might be an easier news source, maybe Wikipedia if they're updated frequently enough. I watched the first of those two movies today btw, the 3D special, took some getting used to the new style at first but... it wasn't bad at all! Didn't feel like a real movie, but a wholesome adventure all the same.

    Nah man, the way Boa reacts each time he thanks her for something, she's reading him like a book. :P

    But they're still like an army, each one of them. :/ Unfortunately, so are their opponents.

    Ah, so Jinbei's making a return too. Yeah I hope Viola joins. Would be new with more than the one character joining at a time though, so far they all had their distinct roles on the boat. The second in command, the navigator, the sniper, the cook, the maintenance guy, the musician... oh I'm forgetting the doctor and the human library! I guess an underwater scout unit and seeress would make sense though. Hmm, looking forward to it. :)

  34. Doomroar
    Tuesday Dec/23/2014

    Yeah if i picture the image i just get the one from the manga but in color XD.

    I mean it is Usopp against one of the officers, it is not weird if he gets beaten to death (but is this a figure of speech!? dun dun dun!).

    The 3D2Y anime special had different animation!? also it was an special not a movie, like a very long episode kind of thing, so yeah it is not a real movie.

    But Bartolomeo will be his future waifu, he reacts better XD.

    ... if everyone is a one man army, then a normal army is just a bunch of one men armies clamped together, and then no one is a one man army... actually there's only one character in OP that is referred as a one man army, and that is Capone Bege.

    Na Jinbei is on his own adventure, but he already agreed to join them once he finishes his business, but there's no sign of him arriving there anytime soon; Viola on the other hand is the only girl that has been nice with Sanji's advances, however this is unlikely since she has to deal with the country if they ever win, thus she can't leave, and Jinbei is currently busy, so there is no one at the moment, there's Kinemon, but his goal is to go back to Wano country...

  35. Cyber
    Tuesday Dec/23/2014

    That's some powerful imagination, built-in colorization and all! :D

    Yupp yupp, only time will tell! Maybe in 120 hours worth of time...

    Ah no, not the 3D2Y one, I meant the 11th movie - Strawhat Chase - in 3D. Which was more like a special than a movie. Still have to watch the "Overcome Ace’s Death! Luffy’s Vow to his Friends".

    Watched Film:Z yesterday btw. Pure awesome. Getting hyped for the 13th one now...

    Hahaha, lmao, man... I am glad to know it's not that Hunter X Hunter author working on this series!

    Oh yeah, Capone Bege is literally an army, IN one man. A normal army is like that Film:Z Neo Army that just gets wiped out quick by the one-man-army armies before Luffy and Z battle it out in the volcanic crater.

    All according to tradition then! Yeahhh, now that you mention it I do remember that. True true, guess she might turn out like Vivi: maybe want to come along with them at first but then, nah, the country has to come first. Even if there seems to be a few more key people to this royal family than the last. Yeah, and Kinemon has his son too, can't imagine they both decide to be pirates allofa sudden. Or that he leaves him. Or if that little scrupulous guy does come with them it'd get pretty annoying...

  36. Doomroar
    Wednesday Dec/24/2014

    Well my generation is that of the color TV...

    Maybe, maybe not...

    I see.

    Kuzan awkwardly hitting on Nami and Robin, it was too much.

    Oh man no, never! if that was the case Luffy would have a romance with Zoro, and no one sane wants that! and then there are the hiatus.

    I found that weird the Neo Marines were too weak...

    little scrupulous guy? who? the only scrupulous character so far is Usopp and he got himself killed.

  37. Cyber
    Wednesday Dec/24/2014

    Speaking of which: we actually have an old black and white TV stashed away in a shed. I've never used it. Don't know if it works. Realized the remote was full of battery acid last year, but with those old boxes they actually have controls on the main machine!! Talk about downgrades on modern devices.

    Maybe... ten babies are born as I'm typing this...

    He did that? Man I just watched this thing! :/

    It'd be... I don't even... moving onto other topics...

    Yeah, considering all they'd been through you'd think they would have toughened up a bit. They were like matchstick men in that final battle.

    Momonosuke man! That guy has no morals. >:/

  38. Doomroar
    Wednesday Dec/24/2014

    I am glad my computer screen doesn't comes with a remote.

    And somewhere someone is getting pregnant as i type this.

    Yeah, but they didn't took any of his shit, they ignored him, actually he does that each time he meets them.

    Yeah with power like that the Neo Marines had no future from the start.

    Ah UNscrupulous! yeah that lucky little shit... na he will stay with his dad and the other weirdo (you will meet him next year).

  39. Cyber
    Wednesday Dec/24/2014

    They go by the name of keyboards now. :P

    Wonder how many people have been getting pregnant since you typed that. O_O


    True that.

    Whoops, yeah that's the word. The OP series is just full of weirdos! Looking forward to it. I wonder if Oda even celebrates Christmas btw, read about his work schedule, 3 days sleep each night, 6 days work each week... talk about intense. O_O

  40. Doomroar
    Friday Dec/26/2014

    But the screen's settings are apart from the PC settings and you can't access those from your keyboard...

    Oh man... they don't call it xxx-mas for nothing.

    They are usually more concerned with him arresting them.

    That is why he takes one-week hiatus every now and then, even if they don't celebrate x-mas, they have other festivities that occur around the same time, plus Oda already has 2 kids i think? so maybe he is celebrating xxx-mas with his waifu...

  41. Cyber
    Friday Dec/26/2014

    You can change some things:

    I hear a lot of people are getting puppies for Christmas too. It's the season of making and giving!

    Speaking of who now? Kuzan??

    Ah, so I've heard. Well I know he has kids. Really secretive person this person. Did you know he met his wife when she cosplayed as Nami btw? And that they have a daughter named Nami? Fun facts:

  42. Doomroar
    Saturday Dec/27/2014


    Wonder how long those puppies will last.

    Yeah Kuzan.

    And that she had the same wedding dress as the one Boa fantasizes with when she thinks about marrying Luffy.

  43. Cyber
    Saturday Dec/27/2014

    Well, with the right software, you might be able to change ALL things. The screen is plugged in via the computer after all, and runs via drivers you install so... I wonder what you can and can't do...

    They should pack in some strays instead. Keep the circulation going.

    Ahhh, just realized I was confusing Kuzan with Schneider. My bad. Yeah, Kuzan's like that. XD

    Though no longer an admiral so...

    Didn't know that! Nice.

  44. Doomroar
    Monday Dec/29/2014

    I am sure i replied to this yesterday, meh.

    Lol mixing Kuzan with that guy from the 3D movie.

  45. Cyber
    Monday Dec/29/2014

    Oh, strange, I haven't deleted any comment yet... comments mysteriously vanishing? First planes... now comments?! O_o

    Hah yeah, it happens to the best of them! :P Watched the last OP episode btw, lmao at Usopp dying. XD That REALLY did not go any one which way I would've possibly expected it! Awesome twist.

  46. Doomroar
    Tuesday Dec/30/2014

    It was a classic Usopp moment, and he will reborn as a deity.

  47. Cyber
    Tuesday Dec/30/2014

    Hah yeah. You know, I never truly believed he was dead... but I'm glad to see his inner fire still burns strong!

  48. Doomroar
    Tuesday Dec/30/2014

    Usopp for Yonko!

  49. Cyber
    Tuesday Dec/30/2014


  50. Doomroar
    Wednesday Dec/31/2014

    Luffy can't even compare, we now know who will be pirate king.

  51. Cyber
    Thursday Jan/1/2015

    Nah man, Luffy can take that crown if he likes, Usopp's a God.

  52. Doomroar
    Thursday Jan/1/2015

    A king of Gods!

  53. Cyber
    Friday Jan/2/2015

    A God of Kings?

  54. Doomroar
    Monday Jan/5/2015

    The world will be his!

  55. Cyber
    Monday Jan/5/2015

    The divine grand line!

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