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Week 48 - Cyberdevil's Back!

Naruto is BACK! Though I did appreciate those backstories.

And did you know hot water seems to freeze faster than cold water? It's known as the Mpemba effect (after the guy who discovered it). Basically the molecules are more relaxed when the water is warm, release energy quicker, and as such are more susceptible to cooling.

I got that from the one Christmas Calender I'm following this year (SJ - for cheap train tickets, but apparently much else). Usually I'd have a few daily check-ups, but December came quicker than I expected this year, so that's the one. For now. For time-saving interests.

I've got a ton of more relevant stuff to talk about, but no time. Didn't get to posting that other project I promised by this weekend, but it should be up soon, as well as the Cyberdevil's Back track (onsite, that is - feel free to listen to it elsewhere for now).

So what's new? I've oiled my shoes. I've set up my new printer. I took a walk with a buddy one day. Winter's cold. I've worked, watched movies, played some more Castlevania, completed Mini Doom and started on a new anime: Triage X. NaNoWriMo is over and I made it! And made it through my 100 Words November first too. Wonder how often I've done that without noticing....

On the blog I've posted 12 reviews - they've been piling up, 1 additional on an old title, and a bunch of other stuff too. Here's last week.

I've made a few changes on the site as well, and thought I'd start mentioning any minor changes (stuff that doesn't merit it's own post) at the end of these weekly blogs, and tag them with UPD when I do, so they'll be easy to browse/take notice of, even when you normally wouldn't notice said changes. Starting today...

CDB Updates:

  • Moved ca 500 posts still in the main Blog category to relevant subcategories.
  • Removed Update category, moved most to Blog > Life, and tagged with UPD.
  • Raised display limit on Movie List. 900 to 1000.
  • Raised upload limit. 10 to 20MB.
  • Minor edits; typo fixes.


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  1. S3C
    Monday Dec/5/2016

    Naruto is BLACK:

    that's just an extension of Newton's cooling law, the further away an object is from ambient temperature (i.e. a freezer), the faster it's change in temperature will move towards the ambient temperature. Hmm, given symmetrical environmental conditions, I wonder what is faster for a substance like water, melting or condensation...

    Cyberdeviö huh?? is that a Swedish keyboard typo??

  2. Cyber
    Monday Dec/5/2016

    lmao XD He looks kinda different somehow!

    Oh, so this affects everything, not just water? Doesn't sound like exactly the same thing though. To clarify, according to the Mpemba effect, if you put two pitchers with warm and cold water in the freezer, the one with warm water will actually freeze before the other one. The ice should be clearer, too (something about less oxygen molecules in the water, I suppose?). Same thing? Huh, hmm, interesting... could do some research there and publish your finding as the S3C effect! ;)

    Whoops, fixed. Typed this in a rush yesterday. Yupp, the Ö is right beside the L. Öl, btw, is beer. Wonder if the letter placement is just a coincidence hmm...

  3. S3C
    Monday Dec/5/2016

    Yeah you're right I jumped the gun and oversimplified the situation. I thought you were talking about the rate of cooling (which is Newton's Cooling law), not the actual amount of time it takes to freeze a liquid substance (namely H2O). Newton's cooling works on all substances; doesn't state anything about matter changes though.

    the truth is, phase change of substances is a highly complicated and multivariate matter. And H2O isn't just H2O! There's metals (minerals), salts, O2, and likely negligible components such as dissociated water molecules(H+ and -OH), deuterium, hydronium. The pressure of the atmosphere is very important too. Of course, if the water was distilled beforehand, there would be no minerals or salts to worry about, which means negligible acidic changes and not having to worry about the dissociated water components.

    I'm not sure how sound your explanation is though. It might be correct from some angle, but temperature just describes the random microscopic movement of atoms, so therefore hot water would be less relaxed than cold water in terms of kinetic energy. If we provide the same environmental conditions for both warm and cold containers of water, the way I understand it is (pretty much paraphrasing from wikipedia): 1.) cooler water is more susceptible to being supercooled than warmer water 2.) warmer water has more energy, thus it's able to use this energy to propagate the movement of ice crystals, 3.) perhaps negligible- but the higher concentration of O2 (which has a significantly lower freezing point than H2O of course) in colder water makes the overall solution of water take proportionately longer to freeze.

    the ultimate question is should refrigerators contain boiling units for quicker ice production??

    heh, you said LÖl. Damn alcoholic Swedish typographers...

  4. Cyber
    Monday Dec/5/2016

    Hmm, interesting. I suppose they used distilled water to measure the effect, at least. Point 3.) seems to go well with the observation that ice derived from hot water has better opacity. The Wikipedia does delve into multiple theories as to why this works as it does, such as Evaporation, Convection, Frost, Solutes, Thermal conductivity and Dissolved gases... and newer findings approve of the supercooling theory, though it still doesn't seem entirely certain as to why it works like it does! Even with all that research, it's still a mystery...

    Haha. XD For sure! As long as they have an 'Environmental mode' to turn of the boiling feature, as to save in the energy expense used to heat and cool the ice. Supply and demand and supply all in one; all to make the world a better place. :P

    XD <-- Seems to be what I'm using more and more instead of LÖL nowadays...

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