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Week 48 – Fast Week

Nah, I haven't been fasting. I've been feeding off life; enjoying all but a surplus of time. The potential surplus has been spent playing Max Payne 3, and then some Serious Sam 3, and as soon as I'm done posting this I'm going back to the latter to hopefully complete the final levels before the day reaches its end (a prime example of time optimism).

Tomorrow is the final day to send in a greeting card for this years NG Christmas Card Exchange, so that'll be consuming my early morning hours, along with an hour of work at a neighborly residence, with rehabilitation. Surprise! Looks like that University course in 'aging properly' may come in handy? :P

It's been a busy week even without the games though, not sure why because I have had no job (I have been searching a few), I haven't done any recording (I have been writing a few), I haven't made any Flash (well actually I just finished a compilation of old abandoned Flash for a collab, so there's something), and I haven't worked that much on my site either. Where is all this potential time running off to?!

Ah well, next week will be a pinnacle of efficiency. We're going to Östersund on Friday so it must be, so much to do before then. I spent this morning going through Christmas calenders, compiling a list for a .bat file I'll be running every morning until the 24th. Entering a vast amount of contests and giveaways is one way of making a living. :) Here's last week.


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