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Week 49, 2017

I'm just trying to get a little time on the side, why of why...
Do days pass, do the days just fly by?
I got so much on my mind, all the time...
Wish I could slow down, go down, rewind...
Every day is so much stress, I lie in bed...
Try to relax but I wake up with a heavy head!
Wish I could just lie there instead, collect my thoughts!
But Monday's coming up and I know I'm caught!
In the spiderweb.

Or is it the world wide web? Man I know I'm caught!
I didn't buy into this but I live on the same rock!
As you all, big or small, can't get off, sky's too tall!
And even though at times it all seems worthless it's not your call!
It's the man up on the stairs, so man up and be wary,
Cause omniscience is scary like if we all believed in fairies,
I don't know how people do it, how could they not know?
Santa's not real either so why would you believe in a leader
who lives in a land of dreams and cotton snow?
There's no one up there and clearly there's no escape,
The days they go so be wary, it's getting late,
It's growing dark, yet here I wait for some kind of...
Spark to set me straight. Why hesitate?
I don't know if I believe in free will
With these steps I take it's so much easier to believe they're steps of fate.

But still I write these verses on the side! Cursing my life!
And time goes by and do I deserve this time I write?
I thought I was perched here to make flight, but I slur and twist and fight,
And wonder what I'm doing here and I wonder what is life...
Maybe some day I'll figure it out, what triggers my doubt,
Is it the winter sickness, all this mist and cloud?
I keep seeing the signs, some day I'm sure stars will align,
Till then all I can do is crawl and climb!
Out these spiderwebs.


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