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Week 49 - Another Week

It's one more week man! When you say it that way, it kind of sounds like 'weekend'. And yes, it is, though already at its end. I've spent at least half of it playing GTA V, though none of that yet today. Too many projects running in parallel. Leftover tasks I wish to finish before the week or year is over, even when I'd rather spend it entertaining myself on this rare period of rest.

Did I mention I recently bought this grand aforementioned game: the one I've been anticipating ever since I heard it first announced, almost five years ago? Finally! First impressions don't disappoint either! Though more on those in a separate post.

The weekly weather's been rainy, again, hopefully next will be an other week. On Friday the wind was so fierce it tore down cables, and the trains stood still for hours. I had to traverse alternate routes to snail my way home, Otherwise all has been good! I just noticed I've been User Of The Day on NG Logs too! 06/13/15. Just before that yearly logging hiatus.

In other notable news: MadChild put out his most recent two albums, for free, in full, on YT. Here's Switched On and Silver Tongue Devil. Appreciate it, MadChild!

What else? I noticed via a subject title in my SPAM folder, that it's possible to use emojis in email titles! Not sure if it's good or bad but... it does grab your attention. I hope it won't catch on. Emojis everywhere would be pretty distracting. Seems different email providers use different icons depending on what ALT codes you use; if you're looking for cheatsheets for any specific one Google has plenty. Aaand that's pretty much all I have to say for the day. It's been a good week.

On the blog I've posted 6 movie reviews, 6 batches of old gaming screenshots, 6 old audio tracks, a new someday (#5), and this kind of stuff and you know, and here's last week. Till later.


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