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Week 5, 2017

I've been asleep!
I'm suffocating living only in my dreams!
Time is straying now it's been another week!
What's my escape plan where will I go to be free?
Where will I get what I need now?

( Yeah... California! x4 )

I've been asleep!
It's how I'm living really the right life for me!
Time goes by and I feel idle in between!
I'm getting by but I'm not in my teens, no more...

I've been asleep!
Time is passing and I'm so far down the street!
Try to look book but there's nothing there to see!
I'm in a strange place I don't feel at ease...

Where will I get inner peace?

( Hook )

I've had my dreams!
Why didn't I chase them, why am I contemplating,
Why am I staying where I am when my dream house is vacant,
Am I an alien?

I want to hustle want to live on bare minimum and give all that I got so I can live and maybe get into that maybe lady luck's on my side so I'll never be on top just: getting by, getting by! Living in the middle not filthy poor or filthy rich, just live a little and get a little and then give all and then maybe you can smile. A while.

So why try! When you don't got anything to win but then when will I die! And regret I didn't do anything. I ask why! I'm in this same position again, just abiding, just hiding, when I could make the sky. Aye aye I'll fly... to California yeah... To California yeah... To California! To California! To California! To California... To California... To Califooooornia...


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