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Week 5 - Reviews

So last week I took a walk with buddy Bear. According to his usefully portable tracking device we walked 26,37km, but it wasn't on all the way so it's probably more like 27-28km. It might just be the longest distance I've walked in a day, though we did stop for lunch by the road. Overall it was a refreshing haul, walking from dawn to nightfall with no rest or stress at all. Here's the route.

The Long Route

The Short Route

Also, a measurement for anyone who wants to go the distance. :P


I had a problem with my left knee the day after the walk, pain every time I bent the leg, especially when I put pressure on it. Walking down stairs was hellish for, but whatever it was it's gone now. Maybe I twisted it or something? IDK. Didn't notice anything while I was walking.

This week I'm writing reviews though. An average 100/reviews per day is the goal, so that should be interesting. :) Not much time for blogging then...


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