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Week 50, 2017

I'm just talking to myself...
I'm just listening to Linkin Park music videos...
Some AMVs and other things, Pogo in abundance, outside the winter lies now
But I can't wait for summer...

But that wait is overtaken...
By bright and jolly... Christmas expectations!
I wake up from my slumber feel there's something in the making
Down the stairs someone is baking and this is my vacation.

Work stopped yesterday!
The shortest day of the year, but the brightest of them all.
I don't want to ride down to the mall where all the people are,
I just want to sit inside with y'all.

Seems everything stopped yesterday!
Outside it's quite and the frost white lines the ground.
I'm just a mile from the city where it's shitty and gritty with grime but these times it
Almost feels like a town.

But I'm just talking to myself...
Can you hear me though? There's nobody else...
I'm just borrowing a melody I feel it's overwhelming me
Just want something different, something in my sound.

Talking to myself!
I'm just talking, and singing like rapping's no thing,
Sometimes I wonder if I chose the right existence, living in my prison,
But then again the whole world is one isn't it.

So why don't we treat it better?
No matter what a song I start it always ends with the same letter,
It's like me my name I'm just a palindrome,
Living like a gallant gnome! Big mind but still I can't stand the throne!

I can't understand the! I can't understand the! I can't understand the land that we all damn so!
I can't understand the! I can't understand the! I can't understand the! People that just can't understand no!
I can't understand the! I can't understand the! I can't understand the people living in their castle!
While it all just crumbles! We all hear their laughter! All is black and ashen with disaster! Faster! And faster! Happy every after!

But I'm just talking to myself...
The New Year's soon here and maybe this year will be something else,
Instead of a barren wasteland maybe we'll make it all green,
Like a fairy tale end... that we can tear into again. Man!

I can't understand the! People we call our leaders! What the hell are they thinking! Are they drinking ether?
Are they thinking either? Do they just deceive us or just deceive themselves? They treat us like we're hedens!
Like they live in their own world! But we all breath the same air! We're all just the same here! People sharing the same sphere!
Some are just insane yeah! Brains shrunk or maniacs! Wherever are great ones at? The ones that both speak and listen? Me I have a vision but it's Christmas soon; I hope for this one. Yeah...


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