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Week 50 - Christmas Closing...

Christmas is closing in fast! I've had plenty of time, for plenty of projects, but suddenly I'm metaphorically snowed in and wondering what I should prioritize. We had our first real snow this winter a couple of days ago, it melted fast, froze over and covered the world in a cold hard blanket of invisibly slippery substance. Then it melted again, and this time it didn't freeze! Haha!

I'm back to playing Pokemon Ruby (to attain Pokemon for the next gen Pal Park import feature in Pokemon Diamond) late nights after ferociously reading through my first four Harry Potter books (will borrow remaining trilogy). I'm hooked on the one-part Killer Mike's hiphop duo collabo Run The Jewels newest album, creatively titled Run The Jewels 2 (here's one video from this album and one from the last one) and I just discovered some filters in Fireworks that let you do amazing things!

I'm planning to make a little interactive showcase of all the alternative versions that Christmas Card spawned before reaching its final form, with selectable layers so you can see exactly how everything combines. It's my first art project where I've 1) drawn a card with purely pencil and paper 2) scanned the drawing 3) colored it in Fireworks and 4) outlined it in Flash 5) removed certain parts through Fireworks 6) inverted the stars and erased the background 7) covered all cut lines with additional outlines 8) added original layers with filters for overdrawn detail 9) dotted a thousand stars and 10) added hidden Illuminati symbolics... because that's what the collab was all about. Phew. Finished. Finally.

I also just scraped together the last hexalist update. I just started playing Crystal Story II (it's addicting). I was just made aware there's a TV series made off of the Transporter movies! I watched the first four episodes yesterday, it felt generic and plain and had a crappy theme song, and no Jason Statham, but the police officer is still the same. I've done a bunch of other interesting things, I think, but it's past midnight and my memory's currently malfunctioning, so I'm off to Pokemon.

New on the blog: 6 movie review and these (a blog) other (a music video) things (a kickstarter plug). Also check out the early drafts for that Christmas card I've been working on! Here's last week.


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  1. S3C
    Tuesday Dec/16/2014

    Is Crystal Story II comparable to Phoenotopia?? Phoenotopia is definitely up there in 2D RPG games for sure. It's currently #3 at the year behind #2 Crystal Story II on NG. Clicker Heroes is #1 which I didn't catch the drift of.

    Transporter series looked good from the short flashes I've catched, but IMO Jason Statham and his movies are slightly overrated. Other good, lesser noticed action-drama TV series of 2014: The Bridge, Falling Skies, The Last Ship

  2. Cyber
    Tuesday Dec/16/2014

    I haven't played Phoenotopia, but it looks bit different considering the 2D vs top-down views. The battle system gets a bit monotone in Crystal Story, but upgrades work well, there's backstory and plenty of dialog, there are mini-games and many different locations, all the things you need to build-up an addicting game! Interface is the one flaw IMO, not as fluid as it could be. Compared to say Epic Battle Fantasy...

    Ah, maybe I'll give those a watch. I don't usually follow series though, as you know, but The Transporter!! I loved the movies, couldn't resist the temptation. :) Statham may be overrated, but he has a natural intensity most actors don't, does most of his own stunts, really knows how to fight, etcetc. Things that in my book puts him on a level above most Hollywood actors that do just that - act. Though even with a different actor the Transporter movies would've been great compared to the series. Much higher budget. A much more elaborate plot. Much better fight choreography. Overall it's just much better.

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