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Week 51, 2017

The shortest day of the year and it sure has been hella short!
Thought I'd finish tons of project in the end had to abort.
At least I watched a movie while a scan ran on auto haul.
Using all of my connections so online time went all to a crawl.

I'm just telling y'all, that THAT'S why there was no blog post.
THAT is why I don't blog most... of the time I'm telling y'all.
The world is small! And my world: it's even way smaller.
I'm not a crook and I'm not a bawler, you might've mistook me but I just stand tall.

At least I used to stand. Now I'm stuck in computer land.
I spend so much time here my back is looking like the hunchback of that crooked Dame.
But look here and I'm sure you'll see! There's a story for sorry me!
And someday I am gonna tell it! I'll scream out and make y'all jealous!

I can be cold-hearted I can be damaging, but to hell man I'll never be arrogant!
I'll speak my heart till you're all standing in, speak until I speak in tongues like a Mandarin!
Maybe I'll calm down when I grow older... but if I don't start soon I swear I'll go HAM again!
I'll go B A N A N A S or A N A N A S like our Pineapple misunderstanding meant.

That is all. Week 51! Christmas is... well it's just begun.

(crappy freestyle)


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