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Week 51 - Back Again!

It's my back again! Lumbago. That same old bag of lame. I feel like an old man with all these old man problems. Technology: it lets us live twice as fast, but it makes us age twice as fast as well. And yet Rocky got cancer, that guy who doesn't know a cloud from a cloud. :) I just watched the latest Creed, and it was great! They're are always so emotional in these boxing movies, and I never expect it. Thought I might skip Southpaw since it's not really my genre, but after this I´m not so sure I'm sure I will!

Otherwise I've caught up on Walking Dead - the entire 6th season, and it really reminded me of why I don't watch TV shows. It's not bad, but it's not getting anywhere either. As long as it sells they'll keep going. They're not building upon a story, and they're not moving towards a goal, they're just milking the cash cow till they got no milk. Or cash. It was another exciting season for sure, I'm enjoying the plot twists and chaos and always wanting to know what'll happen next, and yet the world of TV shows is a sad world, because much like the world of the Walking Dead in the eyes of some characters within: it's devoid of all purpose.

But it's the exception that makes the rule, right? And it's strange how animated content tends to be more finite; the real-life shows go on forever. I watched the last episode of One Punch Man yesterday too, and it was awesome! Here's a show with just twelve episodes, each one equally enchanted, and it all ends with a bang and a promise! They could make a sequel, but even if they don't (more likely?) my imagination can keep the story going. So many secrets! So many red threads that didn't get cut off! The twelfth episode packed a great ending, and overall it was a great show. Best of the year. No doubt.

Comparing to real-life counterparts like The Walking Dead, this is why I generally stick with anime. Because it's great, and because it ends. I don't feel like I'm wasting my time with each episode I watch at all, but rather immersing myself into their wacky world and jumping out of it with a ropeload of inspiration.

Life, otherwise? I might be working one more day tomorrow, but after that it's time for some long due vacation! Christmas! I started the week recovering from a stomach bug (had to postpone all work till Wednesday), and ended the week with this Lumbago, but between these two badly-timed downs we had an appreciated little party at work on Friday - with delicious cake, Glögg and presents, and this Saturday, true to tradition, we celebrated 'Little Christmas Eve' with a bunch of other friends and relatives. I hung out mostly with a bunch of old people, as the cousin I usually spend this occasion talking to had an allergic reaction and went to bed, but it was a good time anyway. Then I came home and I could barely walk up the stairs. Strange how suddenly these things set in. But moving on...

Time's closing in quick to pack presents; wrap-up the year. Just one week left to tie together all those loose ends before it's all over! I'm both hyped for the Next Year, and distraught about all that remains that I've yet to accomplish. It's been a good week though, I'm finally off the white-bread and banana diet, and my back's back to being tolerable already. Speedy recovery. Hopefully this just started session of seven days will be equally groovy.

On the blog I've posted some philosophical stuff, and some other stuff, and here's last week. Until later.


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  1. S3C
    Friday Dec/25/2015

    finally popping open up a bottom of glögg i see, eh?

  2. Cyber
    Friday Dec/25/2015

    Yeah! We chug that Glögg all after-cold-weather-walking day! Popped a bottle of 2015 special edition cardamom Julmust yesterday too! It's that time!

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