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Week 52 - Happy New Year!

So we're standing on the doorstep of a new era, once again!

The shift sure passed fast - as did the week before it. I don't have my old calender beside me to remind me of what I did each day, but after last Christmas weekend... not that much has happened. I've been sitting in. I've been out a bit. I had one day of work in the middle of the week, and then it was back home, and back to work on all I've been working with here. My site, mostly. Lost projects. Old projects. I've managed a bunch, and though my short-lived session of free days started with great stress rather than joy and celebration (it's Christmas goddammit), I calmed down the closer we were to the bridge, slowly accepting that there's just so much you can accomplish in a single year, and I feel I made the most of it. Or at least: much of it.

Looking back, I'm impressed at how well I ended last year here at the CDB blog. I wrote a good (more importantly on-time) final poem, posted an inspiring message from George Orwell, the one-hundredth edition of my semi-frequent Music Video Mashups, and both yearly recap and weekly post in one (a few days after deadline - but just in time for the New Year), all on that final day! I wish I could, but I just can't top that this year. I even had a free GOG give-away back then, at the very end of the post. Wonder who claimed that one.

Instead of doing things as impressive as the above yesterday, I wasted the few hours I had doing important things with the site. Upgrades - and such, but I have nothing to show for it, just a sense of accomplishment I'm trying to treasure as the New Year sets in. Some things to take off my todo list, at least.

On the other hand: though last year's pre-New Year accomplishments seem nice and dandy, I was barely active at all on the days leading up to the grand finale, as I have been now. Low on time, but catching up, as I still am. I posted a quick Happy 2017! yesterday, along with rushed accompanying artwork, but as for my resolutions... I think I'll re-use last year's bit of wisdom: Don't tell anyone about your goals until you achieve them!

My resolutions post from last year was meant to be private until a New Year was nigh, and checked back upon it to see how I'd done, but I feel like I didn't accomplish them enough, and revealing some of them now would spoil certain surprises... so I think I'll leave them hidden for this year as well. Guess the advice above didn't work so well after all, as in: getting me to do more than I'd do otherwise. :) But this year, maybe I'll pay more attention to those goals. They're still pretty relevant. It's like I just skipped a year. I know I did lots of things. Lots of good things, just not the things I planned on doing. Where did all that time go? I didn't initially post any resolutions in 2015 either, just a motivation. One goal, if you so will. A vision to live by: Stay strong! Let go! Get better! I better.

Maybe a line's enough for the even years, and renewed resolve a must for the odd ones?

On the blog I've just posted 6 reviews - my last routine batch of this particular weekly amount, and I'm posting this post in time this time, on the week it's due, too. Would've been dishonorable to start the New Year with less. :)

Btw, here's the first post I posted last year, similar to the 2017 tribute above..

I'm feeling pretty hopeful about the new dawn of days to come, no matter how apocalyptic predications I hear of this coming year. Not sure how I'll do with the Weekly posts this year - if I will, but you can be sure I'll keep on posting! I feel like spontaneous writing might be a better creative fuel. Maybe it's time to break that routine. Let go, right? Of that one, and many other old weights.

Here's last week. I guess this might be the last weekly post in a while. The last for last year, the first for this one; with a thirst and wish for a Happy 2017! Full of visions. May the bliss come: quick! Sun sit, sun. Set. I'm forever in your debt, rich one.

CDB Updates:

  • Yearly backups, checks, upgrades, etc.
  • Optimized and secured databases (a bit).
  • PHP 5.4 -> 7 + tweaks. Old .htaccess/php.ini includes removed.
  • Deprecated WP tags and old feed links/includes removed/replaced.
  • Core Object Cache removed (hasn't worked since 2009).
  • Minor blog edits; fixes.


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