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Week 53 - New Year's Here

Week 53. Last week of the year, and first week of the new one! Shouldn't this count as Week 1? :)

Well, I figured out what to do for Project 2016: Anything I want! Anything creative. One piece of creativity per day, all year through. Sound flexible enough for ya? I'm hoping it'll keep me enjoying these creative endeavors all the way. Never getting bored. Never feeling a need to change commitment as to which content form I focus on... without being able to. First piece, and introduction, is up here. And since it's January 3 already, so are the following two. I seem to be getting into a pattern of image/words/image... let's see how long I keep that going voluntarily.

I posted six movies just now. A few I've watched just recently; a few I watched during the past week. The latter two were the Star Trek ones this weekend. Why am I watching Star Trek movies; ones I've previously seen to boot? Because I'm hyped for the new Star Wars, maybe? Inspired? With a newly attained interest in deep space exploration? I'm guessing there'll be a lot of space movies this year. Though it seems they've been a trend for a few years already. If there was at least a chance the trend might've died down, there's close to no chance now. Not unless all movie producers realize their ideas are specks of sand to the grandeur of the Lucas Art realm and abandon their prestigeful dreams to go cower in a corner, tormented by thoughts of inferiority and anguish. Well, let's hope that never happens.

I watched Kingsman - The Secret Service (2014) again as well, but I already wrote a review for that one. Let me just say: it's still awesome! I'm happy the trend for action just keeps growing, year by year, each new quick flick more awesome than the last.

In other news... there really isn't much to parley about on topic of the last few days. I posted my last weekly post of last year mid-week, since that's when the year ended, and thus this introductory edition of the Grand New 2016's weekly posts boasts very little content. And an odd title for a post supposed to be #1. Well, I've posted a review for last year, a New Year post, and if you want to jump back to last year you can do so here.

The weekend's been one with too little exercise, too much food, a little more gaming and frantic last-minute catching up on collabs, and other things, and tomorrow: work begins again. The New Year didn't start quite as efficiently as I hoped, but it didn't start badly either. I'm sticking true to my routines and resolutions so far; trying to calm down. The less you stress, the more you get done! The more breaks you take, the longer you can keep going. Until next week! And finally, one final time: Happy New Year.


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