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Week 6, 2017

Listen up,
I woke up today and I didn't know what to write,
But I write anyway because writing is my life,
Even if the words stray I'll get them going when I type,
And going on all night as long as God gives me light,
Glowing like a star, as long as God gives me life,
A Boeing like a bar as long as God gives it's alright,
I don't know if I believe in him but if there's demons then... well, it's alright.

I've been out shopping, but I'm back and ready to hop in!
There ain't no stopping cause if I stop I might get writers block and that aint no option!
I've been a sorry excuse before and I don't want to get that popping again,
I want to go with the flow even if I'm low cause I'll show that I'm not like them,
I won't stop when it ends! When inspiration dies I won't be the rock in the pen,
Cause no farm is growing karma! Without visitors you'll sell the farm up!
So I'll be the daily llama! I'll be hopping around hip hopping so hot like I burnt the barn up,
And the dog ran out in a burnt pajamas and bit my butt cause his barn's a martyr,
Meanwhile I'm heading on my road to stardom, I see no stars but I'm far from starry garments,

And I'm raging on rabies! This world's full of idiots it should get me craving babies!
I wish it all stopped in the eighties, everything was better back then even the bitchin' ladies,
I'm richer than you not as rich as Shady but I got words to prove I can rip with daisies
I got verbs too lose need to tighten my game up and write till I'm famous but my pens on fire so I dropped that thing
What now I'm aimless...

I can't freestyle cause my freestyles are lame it's, straight up shameless,
But if I make it quick then I'll make it painless, hope I don't make it boring like a plaintiff,
I blaze spliffs nah... that aint my bro, only got dandelion weeds at home amidst these seeds I sow,
Cabbage cucumber and greens for sure, but they cost me greens... the cosmic greens so much more,
I'm not fun like the Cosby Show yo, I should probably stop this, Cyberdevil going out the door, yo...
Cyberdevil! Is outta here. Yeah.


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