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Week 6 - All Quiet On The Northern Front

Life as usual. Still no phones. Still watching Fairy Tail. Started playing GTA III in lack of better connectivity, and eventually started modding it in search of the ultimate final GTA III experience before I (will attempt to) leave that game on the shelf and move onto newer titles. GTA V should be here soon after all!

During the end of this week we managed to get mobile broadband via modem as a replacement for the wire-bound one still missing. It's 3G this time, not the most stable (speed tests), and capped at 100GB, but that's still a mighty improvement over the previous 4GB and 10GB limits I've been working with a few weeks. Finally I can resume my normal Internetal habbits! And since I'm now monitoring bandwidth I can do a little research on how much I normally use. It seems to differ much from day to day. I used up close to 10GB on the first day, yet four days later I've surfed comfortably with only 25GB total. Also, for future reference: automatically scanning ca 3000 NG user profiles takes only ca 600MB. I was expecting that to eat much more bandwidth.

Here's last week... which I incidentally titled the same as that same week last year! The main reason I give these weekly posts a title is so there'll be no duplicate titles, but apparently my mind has certain creative constraints! Or easily relates certain numbers to certain usable idioms. Or something. If this happens again, I shall ascertain. :P Also, music, and /img/3/Chilly.png">these (an old snapshot of the blog I found entertaining for some mysterious reason) /img/3/Gmail-Email-For-Websites.jpg">old (from back when Gmail allowed you to use their email for your own sites, with custom logo and address) /img/3/Mininova-2009.png">screencaps (Mininova visitor statistics shortly after they started accepting only legal torrents in 2009) I don't want to throw away but can't think of a useful way to include otherwise. Until later!


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  1. S3C
    Thursday Feb/12/2015

    It sure has been quiet up on the Nordic Front...too quiet in fact (I was worried)

  2. Cyber
    Friday Feb/13/2015

    Mmm, it has been quite quiet!

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