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Week 6 - Fat Tuesday & Star Wars!

This Tuesday was Fat Tuesday, so I bought myself a semla!

A Semla

40 SEK at the local place: Mazarin Konditori & Bageri, Bro.

The line was long when I arrived; just as long when I traversed back, taste buds waking up with anticipation over this rare treat. People in line didn't even bother saying what they wanted, it was all about the semlor. They just said "two large" or "four large" or once as many as "eight large". One person ordered "two large and a cinnamon bun!". I guess someone didn't like semlor...

I ordered just the "one large", very aware I was deviating from the social norm of enjoying a semla in tandem, or at least pretending like I would be and eating a double. It was just a single semla. One semla in a large paper bag to be savored by me and I only. It was a delicious semla though, baked with real cream and butter, sweet, fresh and nutty.

Apparently we eat 40,000,000 semlor in Sweden each year. We're closing in on 10,000,000 people. I doubt all of those eat semlor. Conclusion: some people must really eat a lot of semlor! I'm down for about 0,0000025% of the total (if my decimals are correct).

Otherwise? I watched Star Wars this Friday, with a good buddy who coincidentally doesn't like semlor. I feasted upon two fish burgers that day, for both lunch and dinner - both two burgers and two restaurant visits more than the norm... and then we watched the movie! The burgers were fantastic; the movie too. I'm not a fanatic but I guess I am a fan, and I'm starting to understand all the hype around this guy:

Kylo Ren

But really, this guy's my favorite:


This girl's not bad either:


Was definitely worth watching this one at the movies, and I'm saving my review for next week, so that's all for Star Wars for now.

I meant to post this last week btw, but guess what: this weeks One Piece episode is apparently postponed till next week because a North Korean rocket launch interrupted the broadcast. What?! Rocket? Fortunately: this week's episode was grand; the dragged out filler-less content rolls on as usual... and it looks like that rocket thing wasn't the end of the world.

In other worldly news, it's been in the building quite a while, but now we can finally see what the second Titanic looks like! Check it here. I wouldn't want to be on this ship-s maiden voyage, but after that... could be a pretty memorable experience! Imagine sitting in the saloon, over the ocean, watching the movie with the same name and no second digit. ;)

The week overall's been great: apart from work and other stuff I had a shrimp crepe lunch with a buddy on Tuesday, guests over yesterday (good food; a great time reminiscing with WWP), and today is my dad's 73rd Birthday and Valentine all at the same time. Have a hearty day yall! On the blog: 6 reviews and this this this and here's last week. One Peace; later.


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