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Week 6 - Games & Manga

These weeks are just going too fast! Too Fast And Furious 6, and I haven't posted a thing on the blog since last week - though I do have a few drafts in the pipeline. More like copper cable. More like broadband. Here's a link to last week anyway, in lack of others. I'll keep this post short cause nothing's really happened and I'm two days late.

Well, a few things: I sold those consoles I didn't get to sell last week, and bought some old stuff while I was at it. For anyone who has old games to spare (and lives in Sweden) I'd recommend Mediapalatset. It does pay more to sell directly to a buyer, but if you didn't buy the stuff at retail value anyway, just want to get it out the way - or both, this is a simple alternative. It's a small, family-owned shop that seem genuinely interested in their stuff, with fair prices and pristine product.

I was just planning to drop off the consoles and fetch an order when I went there, but ended up talking to the owner about old consoles for maybe an hour, learning how to change a GBC cartridge battery, and getting a tour of their business. I doubt they have time to spend that amount of time with every customer, but it left a great first impression. Will be happy to do business with them again... though I don't plan on selling anything more anytime soon. Well, there's always buying.

In other game-related happenings I played out the new DOOM this week... at least I think it was this week, and have started up my old nightly Advance Wars DS routine again - against my better judgment. I've also been bidding on some games for GB and GBA that I doubt I'll have time to play, but have yet to have. At least they don't take up that much space. There's just something about cartridges compared to the more spinnable mediums, and portable over stationary consoles - which is strange considering I really wouldn't use a laptop as long as I have a stationary computer nearby.

Speaking of computers: mine's running well this week, so hopefully those RAM issues were a temporary thing. Still haven't adjusted the RAM on my gaming rig though. It's running smoothly without.

I've also read out .Hack, kept going with Dragon Ball, finally finished Project 2016, and... not much notable else. Here's some more irrelevant loading time comparisons for my other site, here's some sound cloud SPAM, and why not a couple recent bugs I stumbled upon while I'm at it. I fixed the latter one btw, and actually didn't catch the screencap irony till I wrote this. It could've had its own post, that one. Leftover screencaps in lack of meaningful post content? Have at it!

I'll see yall next week... or sooner. Hopefully with a bit more to post.

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