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Week 7 - Games & Valentimes

So, what have I been doing with this one? I've caught up with Project 2017 recordings: 5 6 and 7. I started the week with a manga swap, celebrated a relative's birthday with board games yesterday, and my dad's 74th this Tuesday - which just so happens to be Valentine's Day! A hearty occasion always, though not so much time for Valentine.

Otherwise it's been work and games, mostly. Do you want facts? How about music? Here's some other stuff posted on the blog, as well as a new batch of six overdue reviews. I've been doing some bidding and buying too - more GB/C/A games, though seems that phase is just about played out now.

Remember Glimmerati? The trailer was pretty cool. The game? Not so... judging by gameplay footage. I haven't tried it myself. Unlike buddy Bear I never owned an N-Gage, but I just found out it was actually developed by Bugbear, the same dudes behind such legendary car games as Flat Out, and always striving to take it further with their Next Car Game (up until recently it was actually titled Next Car Game).

Looking at Glimmerati game footage it's interesting how our perceptions of good change with time, though some games seem to last forever, like the original DOOM. I played out the Plutonia Experiment for maybe the first time ever without cheats this week... excluding a little idclipping when I lost my way. Decided to play it on Hurt Me Plenty in hopes I'd actually complete it, as previous attempts at trying it in Ultra Violence (as I easily play the originals) all failed.

These extra episodes really are gruelingly hard if you're not a seasoned vet - ready for all surprises they carry, and maybe they're a challenge even for those who are. It took plenty of trial and error to make it even with regular difficulty, and frequent use of GZDoom's highly appreciated autosave feature. But I did it!

I'm pondering repeating the challenge with TNT next, or maybe Thy Flesh Consumed, both of them episodes I'm not sure I've ever played through in their entirety. At least not without cheats.

Last week? Here. That's about it. Day's short. Night's nigh. Times fly. I took a nostalgic speedrun through the first episode of DOOM yesterday, and hope to get through the second episode right after I post this... with a little upgrade enabled. Ciao for now; see you soon!

CDB Updates:

  • Fixed missing blog count on Stats page.
  • Fixed the yearly episode count correction in the Anime sidebar.
  • Updated poem selection on Poetry page, among other things.
  • Minor blog edits; fixes.


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