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Week 7 - Seven Days!

What a week!! I mean... what, a week? Already?! Time sure flies when the skies are... outside. A slice of life passes by, you laugh and smile and flash your lights to catch a vibe, see signs in the passing tide, seek rhyme and relapse in smashing cars for cash in the bashful grime of GTA III. Pack a nine.

There's been a bit of that. More work than usual. Dad's birthday; Valentine yesterday. We celebrated with two cakes and poetry. And stuff. In other news: Drift Stage was successfully funded (woo!), I finally posted this year's first Hexalist update, and they still haven't fixed our Internet!!! This makes it over one month of downtime today, and though they claim it shall be fixed tomorrow, by now I'm seriously doubting their promise. It's not their first.

A local newspaper toured the neighborhood earlier this week, interviewing people (like my mom); looking for a scoop in this one giant ISP's apparent inability to fix a simple error (this ISP being TELIA), so... maybe that'll get things going!

On the blog: 3 movie reviews, music, music, music, a quick game review, another, something inspiring, and here's last week. Until sunshine and gray days!


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