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Week 7 - The Cold War

Valentine passed quickly. I baked a meringue cake, drew a card, wrote a verse and bought some stuff. Mom baked another cake, made some pie and then she retired to sleep the rest of the day while guests arrived and everyone had a good time. She's been fighting a cold recently. So have I, though before today it seemed like I wouldn't be actually getting it after all. It presented itself as a wave of fatigue and an itch in the back of my throat and that's the way it's been the past week. That is, until I was stupid enough to get up at 5:30 yesterday and stay by the computer till midnight.

Needless to say I woke up feeling a bit snotty today, but that was inescapable, I had some studies that needed doing and feeling tired and whatnot I didn't get that much done until the very last day before deadline. Otherwise? More studies, and some NG. I made a game for Valentine's Day too, a simple gadget in which you click hearts and make patterns. You can also check out some of the patterns you can make with the game on this page. That, and much more, the variations are endless! If you make any yourself feel free to send them in and I'll add them.

So that was this week. I mean last week, cause I was supposed to post this yesterday but time ran out. What's happening this week? I don't know, I'll probably lie dormant a while gaining energy, and spend the rest of the days as previous weeks. Sites, studies and NG. Nothing really interesting. Here's last week.


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