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Week 8 - On The Ninth

It's Monday! Tell me why I don't like Mondays? I can't find a reason. I love new weeks. I love the potential to do all that you left undid last week. It's a bit like a miniature New Year, and I especially like them when you start them with a day free of regular work so you can achieve even more right at the start, like typing up this post I should've found time for yesterday. Would be even better with an entire week free of regular work, but with such weeks routines start to crumble; even the simplest things take a long time to do. The more time you have, the more you tend to allocate for each individual task, but anyway, moving past recently discovered potential wisdoms of life to that which this post is supposed to be about, starting with...

Yesterday, and why I didn't post this back then. It was an unusually full and fulfilling day, one of spontaneous walks and sunshine - featuring among more familiar companions my good (old) buddy Bear who phoned in for a surprise visit. The day before I took a bike ride to Kungsängen and back, to work, and realized that I need to take more bike rides. Not because it was fun, but because it was so insanely arduous and tiring I really must be in incredibly bad shape at the moment.

Been working on that these last couple of days though, and feeling greater as the hours pass, treading on snow-glazed grass... until I relapse and sit down by this cast of mime - this pastime where I type like a pantomime. And yap. But I wouldn't have it any other way if I wonder if I should have when I look back!

It's been a good week overall. A daze of work and other tasks for starters. Some medals. Not many movies (none!! What am I going to post for reviews this week?). On Friday good buddy Andreas stopped by. We spent a while walking and playing half a game, then drove through a compact darkness to the nearest train station - a short but fun visit. I've also closed a domain name deal for a family site I will no longer mention by domain name extension since it would now be marketing a third party - for a considerable price! A price that transcends my regular monthly paycheck, and although my monthly paycheck is a very moderate one at this time, I'm feeling unexpectedly rich and fortunate at the moment. :) As of now the Axell Family is Internetally moving from Belgium to Palau.

In less notable but still cool news, I backed this game by Sombr Studios with a dollar, and now that it's been successfully funded I've reaped my reward: a custom in-game taunt that the victor metaphorically yells, selected randomly among all funder-contributed taunts, in a crisp pixel speech bubble at the end of a game. I was pondering Do better than that, you must. Invision your invisibility, you should. Try again, you will. but instead I went with... wait, maybe I should keep it a secret until the game is out? Yeah, maybe. You'll find it at the source.

It's the last day of February today, a last day that for 3/4ths of the years that pass by is no day at all, so that means I have an extra day to fix up all wonky workings still undone. I do love leap years too! I was planning/hoping/not-really-knowing-if-I'd-have-time to complete the February Album Writing Month Challenge, where you try to write 14 songs in 28 days — because you can't wait for inspiration. I'm three tracks in after just one night of writing and recording, but with just one more day at my disposal - and other tasks I should do this day, it doesn't look very hopeful.

Maybe I can at least write eleven parts, and look for music later on, and record them at my leisure. The writing thing is the main challenge, although I was planning on doing the full thing if I did it. Not with my own music, but with music that'd be free to use. A mixtape-style February project accomplishment. It would've been easy had I had (or maybe taken?) the time. I'll keep you posted. And that Chimes thing I mentioned last week will be up soon. I've just been stalling doing other things.

On the as of lately very common topic of Kickstarters, have you ever considered getting a bike via a KickStarter? The thought just crossed my mind. Here's the bike, and though I've only skimmed the sales pitch so far it seems promising.

Overall life seems promising! The sun is rising earlier, and I'm getting up earlier each day, and my new diet is going well so far. It's almost routine.

UPD: About that bike, looks like I missed a digit last time I looked at the price. The idea crossed my mind and went elsewhere. :| If you do have a few thousand dollars to spare though, it's only five hours till funding.

On the blog I've posted this bunch of stuff, 6 reviews, and here's last week. Time to dive into this recently started stretch of sunny days.


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