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Week 8 - Still Got A Chill

I wrote this on Sunday. I'm only posting it now. Yes, I even wrote that I'm posting it now, on Sunday, when I wrote this. That's the way I write some times: ahead of my time. ;)

I wrote this but didn't post it because it was technically early Monday morning, late Sunday night, and the computer was finally powered down after a day's hard work. More like a night's hard work. The day actually consisted mostly of tasks such as trying to attain all medals on this game (no luck), attain medals on other games (luck - or a skill/luck combo) and taking a short walk. It wasn't the most amazing Sunday ever, and I'm still partially pestered by that cold that struck me last Monday. It's been pestering me the whole week, and is also the reason I haven't really been minding studies as I should have, so they piled up again and I'm up past midnight handing stuff in, again. Fortunately there's been some trouble with the university server during the day so they extended the deadline a bit past twelve, meaning I won't miss it. I had another course I should've handed in another assignment for, but instead of doing that I've been doing other things, like socializing with people around the globe AKA procrastinating.

As you probably get from the tone of this post, I'm not in my happiest of moods right now, but that doesn't matter. Today is a day when I wake up. Assuming I fall asleep. You know, just a simple cold can really mess with routine and plan and everything. But it puts things in perspective, and the week hasn't been all bad. I teamed up with another NG user and made this, which won a portal award yesterday! My first one! :) So cheer up, me, ok? It's only February and the whole year's ahead of you (me)! Now I'm (you) going to... do something useful? When I post this, I'm going to be happy again. It's a new day after all! Here's last week.

Oh btw, I am happy again <--- written right now, a head of my time. Also the post title's in cypher, figure it out.


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