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Week 9

I received my drivers license permit and I'm starting my driving courses as well... as soon as my new mentor gives me the phone call I'm waiting for. Seems like this week is holiday for all societies students, so he's been pretty busy driving around with free pupils. I tried to convince my dad to give me driving lessons instead, but he's getting more and more careful the older he gets, and it seems he doesn't have the nerves to let me steer his expensive car anymore (maybe my older brother used them all up years ago). My dad paid for professional lessons instead, which is IMO a big waste of money (they're expensive as hell), but I should have nothing against it. Maybe I'll even learn more, heh. Anyhow, I hope I'll get my license done before the long drive up to our summer-place this summer, so we (dad and I, the by then hopefully two licensed drivers in the family) can take turns and not have to spend as much time beside the road resting, getting ready for more. It takes about a full day driving, so it's pretty far.

I sent the first packages that I've sold at online auctions (that I previously bought at online actions, all of them with profit) by post this week. And I've put out a long list of additional auctions I'll be hoping to earn income from. I wasted way more money than I planned to, but I plan on getting all that money back regardless. Three of the items I ordered still haven't arrived in my empty mailbox yet, and I fear they've all been lost/stolen somewhere on the way, which is shit since those three were specially costly. I'm awaiting one more shipment of Swedish Mora knifes (about 20 of them), then it'll all be over and all I'll have to do is put in ads for more products to sell myself. Am working on it, intensely, as we speak. Well I will be, soon.

Apparently the contact forms on both mine and my sisters site have been messing up recently (both on the same server), and I've gone to a great deal of trouble to fix them, but it's all fixed now. Seems like the scripts weren't wrongly composed at all, it was all my web-hosting providers fault, and I've had to put in remotely hosted forms now, instead of the local ones. Also updated the library, finally, after a months wait, and have reorganized my site/other stuff on two external HDs. Since it's too big to have on my PC, I need a backup on an external, and since it's just kept growing I bought a new external to backup the other one. In total the site takes up about 200GB now, most of the space taken up by subbed anime series I like and share (atm offline due to server limitations, but I keep it all organized anyway).

Other than that, I've been watching movies, lots of movies, and all twelve episodes of GeneShaft. A great futuristic/oldskool anime combined which I highly recommend. Also been spending time with my cousin David and my good buddies Andreas and Bear. On Tuesday I took a long walk with Andreas. On Wednesday I was out all day handing out brochures for my sisters new massage company, running up and down staircases, throwing them in mailboxes, leaving them on trains, etc. She ordered a big-ass box with about 3000 handouts, and so far we've used up about 10% of that, it takes so much longer than expected. On Thursday me and my Cousin David walked around city, went for a cruise to the yard of animals (translated directly form Swedish), ate pasta with shrimps, ice cream (Danish apple-pie and Irish Crisps, two previously untasted flavors) and went around sightseeing. ON Friday we went to the cinema to watch the new Asterix movie and then spend the rest of the day playing WWP (Worms World Party), 1080 Degrees and Vigilante 8 - three old yet highly addictive games... and taking a long walk around the unfinished golf-course. On Saturday I spent the day at my buddy bears house watching four movies, playing Jenga, walking the dog and eating chocolate pudding, nachos, peanut-butter rings with extra flavor, risifrutti, tortillas, warm chocolate, cappuccino, cookies, guacamole, big fluffy sugared buns with huge amounts of whipped cream and almond-mass in the middle, etc.

So that's that. Overall the weeks been great, filled with varied events and occasional inputs of newgroundish activity. The Pokemon guessing games over at newgrounds are almost over now, just another week of original pokemonish-posting left, then it's all over. I've updated the blogposts page and am updating the guessing game rankings as well. Until next week.


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