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Welcome To The Jungle (2013)

Welcome To The Jungle (2013)

Jaun Claude Van Damme! Oh damn! And not in the role I was expecting, not in the ultimately heroic or villainous first spot but rather... a coach on the sidelines.

The whole movie takes place on an island. A group of officer workers are taken here to be taught the basics of team work, but things go horribly wrong when their leader (JCVD) gets eaten by a tiger... or so they think. But if you think they think what he wanted them to think, you're thinking wrong.

This is an underdog tale of truly American proportions. That means it's exaggerated to the point where... it's silly, it's just... dumb. I mean it's not really fun. Entertaining, sure, but this type of humor is not working on me in that it doesn't make me actually laugh. The way everybody's portrayed as incredibly stupid and naive and people express themselves in ways that just make you cringe, or how the jokes build on embarrassing situations and insults that cause people to feel bad, that isn't my type of comedy. Embarrassment is fine as long as they knock it off, but here it's to the point of humiliation and shame; it feels it's the same way with a lot of American movies. Have I outgrown stuff like this? Did I ever use to truly enjoy it?

From the title I was expecting something a bit more in sync with the Dwayne Johnsson "Welcome to the Jungle" movie... cause that was comedy. That was fun. This is over the edge like a wedgie.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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