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We're Standing Still

I might as well write some poetry, cause I have time to kill!
Train just came to a stop, and you know I don't like standing still!
Some people are on the train tracks, man some people should just be killed,
And maybe they have no will to live and that's why they're standing still.

Life's too grand to spill though! I say so with hand or quill.
And I don't deal blow, I don't deal blows to any nose for a thrill.
My byproduct aint pills no you know I spill prose and I have no time to just chill those people with Netflix...
I question how they live!

Me I'm on a quest to live and yeah I'm a lot like them but -
I'm not being idle about it I'm going AWOL with my pen come on!!
And then, we ride on this train of thought until it makes no sense...
Were standing still.


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