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What Happened In Trollhättan

We had the radio on for dinner, and were chatting about something when Trollhättan came up. The great tragedy. The interviewee was sad about what had happened. He gave his condolences to the near and dear. He was shocked. He didn't think anything like this could happen, here, in our Northerly idyll. The interviewer agreed. They talked about how it'd impact society, and how scared the people were. And then the program was over, and they moved over to sports...

The announcer started by mentioning how terrible a day it was with that which had happened, but of course we had to move on... and so they did! To sports.

So, we switched on the TV - evening news was on, right on time. The prime minister offered his condolences as well, and held a speech on how sorry he was for the victims. They panned in on flags at half-mast and... I still have no idea what happened in Trollhättan!!

Well, I do now. I Googled. But like a skilled newscaster, I shall leave you all to figure things out yourself if you so wish. Sad news indeed.


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