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What Was That?!


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  1. Cyber
    Thursday Jan/21/2021

    That was what was up.

    And is. Until we fix this broken planet.

    Don't take it all for granted.

    We're soft. We're not granite. But better toughen up if we want to vanquish, the banquettes of our past. Let us charter better pathways. Where tanks don't roll in wrath. Where banks don't grow their flags at the cost of all of us - shouldering hope with shoulders wrapped in sowed up rags. The world's cold but know our ranks do far outnumber those who plunder. Who treat us like just numbers. We're cranky. Let's stampede. What's that?!

    Let's do right and take it back.

  2. S3C
    Friday Jan/22/2021

    I was in a model UN program and it wasn't nearly this cool...

  3. Cyber
    Friday Jan/22/2021

    If only Andy Samberg had been around then huh!

  4. Cyber
    Friday Jan/22/2021

    His speech at Harvard was something else too:

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