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When The Luck Stops (0:55)

I don't care what you did to this planet
Just forget about the old Jackson Janet
There's a new star shining up high!
Shedding it's light as the days pass by!

No it's not Michael, and no it's not Moore
And I don't care about the clothes Tommy wore
I don't care about the platinums Fifty Cents made
I won't bother being afraid

That he'll come after me when I make my millions
Because to me he seems like a big bluff
And even if he has a zillion minions
It seems to me he just won't have enough

To beat the Cyberdevil cause he's living on forever
Spitting out so much material not just a lot but better
I scribble so many poems, I send so many letters
I write so many stories, that my fingers feel like FIRE

The one I admire, is R. L. Stine, seems like he did so more with his life than I did with mine!
But no worries I'll catch up, I'll just keep spawning creativity until I'm out of luck.


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