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Where The FUCK Should I Start?

Oh holy egg yolk, there is so much work here to be done and I'm caught in the midst. It's like the eye of the storm where I wait, and I have to breach their walls of fury sometime soon, I have to reach into the storm and calm it down.

So what needs to be done? Just telling you about it all would take the whole day. I have hundreds of downloads on the site that haven't worked in years, even more that haven't even been added. I probably have just as many archives with outdated ReadMe!s... not to mention files. I have a bunch of PHP Scripts I haven't worked on in 5 years, and I know at least one of them isn't secure at all. I have JS and CSS tutorials stashed away somewhere unaccessible. I have about a thousand MP3 files that were in pretty bad shape (really low bitrate) until I started finding the source files and converting them again. That task is far from finished.

I have music projects that need posting. I have music posts that need editing. I have the whole music section in which no pages work right after the file structure change I recently started work on. I haven't updated the links page in ages. I know at least a few of the links are broken, I know even more of them redirect, I'm guessing maybe half the sites have switched their 'www or no www' policies and given me a shitload of unnecessary link changing to do if I want a good search engine rating.

I have directories filled with interesting stuff that you people can't even reach, I have directories filled with files of which most aren't XHTML and CSS standard compliant because I didn't care (or know about) standards when I made them.

I have a few hundred projects that are either unfinished, abandoned or in the wrong location. Most of them still reside outside the WordPress database, something I have shifting views on doing something about. Then there's the 2500 posts onsite that I've just started going through for the 4th or 5th time since I lost track of what I had gone through and what needed going through or changed something so I had to go through them again.

I have typos to fix, links to fix, broken images to fix, unlinked images to link, outdated information to either update or post an 'out of date' notice on, a BIG flash section that's been left unrinsed and offline since 2004. DAMN I have a lot of work to do... and when I type this I'm not typing the details, like the sidebars that need to be included, or the list style that needs to get a fix for the green text on all lines below line 1, or the rating spans I'm currently going through adding color to, or the spoiler tag I just recently introduced and need to implement retroactively, or the FAQ that doesn't answer jack about the current state of things, or the GBA thumbnails I still haven't uploaded, or the...

EAGAAAGH! Typing about it won't help though. I guess I have to get down to business sooner or later. Actually I've been in business for the past two years, but things have just been getting messier and messier the way I've fixed some things and left others to decay or fixed something and broken other things in the progress. This year, 2012, will be different though. I didn't know where to start. Or I didn't want to start, or I don't know what... but I guess (I HOPE SO DAMN IT) everyone with a huge blog and a large array of varied projects face the same crisis some time. Maybe 'normal' people just say oh WTF and shut down their site, or start anew, or move, or something drastic... but no way I'm letting that happen to CyberD. Time to do this.


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