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Wifog Is Shit

Tyvärr går det inte att besvara denna enkät just nu. Var god försök senare.

That's the message I get every damn time I try answering a survey lately. And what's up with the ads? Even though they switched their business model from all-free to pay-for-what-you-use they keep showing pop-up ads. As far as I know, those don't give me any points at all.

Though, it's really not pay-for-what-you-use either. There's a monthly subscription fee now. If you don't use any of the credit you buy (you can also gain credit by doing things like answering surveys... if it works), you still have to pay with said credit to keep your subscription active. Compare this to a regular subscription where you pay for a certain amount of calls, bandwidth, etc, and you usually have at least a full year to use up said amount. Here, you won't have anything left if you wait that long. It's officially become worse than a regular subscription.

Wifog used to be great. Well, they used to be free. They were never great, but when they were free I could tolerate their bullshit. I will not pay for their bullshit. Wifog: is shit.


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