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Wild Card (2015)

Wild Card (2015)

Jason Statham delivers again! There's not much fighting, but the little there is presents itself with skill; excessive violence, featuring such unusual weaponry as playing cards and spoons.

Nick (that's Statham), is holed up in Vegas, taking life day by day, doing what he can do get by, planning ahead but not believing enough in those plans to realize them, and then... something happens.

The introduction has him knocked down, unexpectedly, against a 'tough guy' with a toupee. He's introduced as a loser, but then you realize that this was all staged, but then you realized... there may be more to first impressions after all. Circumstances have it things happen, good and bad: a mystery man appears, a girl he knows gets stitched up at the hospital, and he suddenly has to leave town.

It's a both glamorous but more so gritty and well-filmed piece of Las Vegas-type action drama, with a real live new world Capone and a rich guy who bets on tens. Not all the action I expected, but it was refreshingly different, featuring a cast of interesting people, occasionally excessive brutality and well-scripted dialog and plot progression. Good watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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