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Wingwomen (2023)

Wingwomen (2023)

French movies hit different man. There's just something about them... and I'm not just saying that cause this one stars a bad-ass femme fatale cast that I really just enjoy seeing.

The blood's not perfect, the scripting's not perfect either, but the directing... the directing's special here, the settings, the faces, the places, the transitions... and the charm's on overload. The sights make me want to move to France, and the unconventionally passionate sequences remind me that there's a world outside Hollywood too. Like the naked fight scene. That was new. Wouldn't see that in an American movie! Would you? At least not with as revealing angles as you have here.

Some stunts they don't really do justice, and the fights overall aren't amazingly complex or fluent, but some... some are real good. Real good.

Scripting though. I'm not 100% about that part.

Like did she just plan to leave Alex hanging a full four years? And how did Alex get off that roof in the first place? And the heist went way too easy - all complications considered - all things leading up to it too. Same with the final showdown. The Godmother... she deserved more.

The special-effects are heavy initially, and some scenes are a letdown, but it definitely wins me over along the way. Sexy and action-heavy as it is right from the start, and with plenty of intimacy and character bonding along the way.

Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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