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Wolf Of Wall Street (2013)

Wolf Of Wall Street (2013)

I read a review praising this movie as the best movie as the year, or maybe ever - as a masterpiece, as an accomplishment surpassing all of the director's previous accomplishments combined. Needless to stay I watched it a moderate dosage of doubt, because when can a movie ever be that great, right? Especially when it's being reviewed by someone who can't see movies like Machete for the creative masterpieces they are, or any form of action as even entertaining, in what seems to be a search for stories about people, about dialog rather than action, about spontaneous outbursts of nonsense and surprise speeches amidst a rabid plot about a broker, a guy turned broker, a regular guy in search for riches who gets the riches he wants to get. He gets rich. He gets filthy. He gets addicted, a huge fanbase and following and provides the viewer an insight into the crazed Wallstreet world that may make the viewer think a second time about buying that next batch of stock even when the seller makes it seem like such a sublime scheme of get-rich-quick.

There's drugs, there's profanity, there's a surplus of beautiful women and nudity that makes the average life seem strangely tame, but in the end... it is tame. This crazy life is but a burst of craze, a comical spurt, a dream, a hope that reaches a bit too high into the open blue (skies) and soon comes crashing down. Leonardo DiCaprio plays the main man, together with (I'm surprised, but they seem to be a good combo) Jonah Hill, and don't forget Margot Robbie. It really was a mad movie, a feast, a fast-paced roller coaster through financial orgies and long nights. Work and family are balanced on a thin edge, and you never know when one might come falling down. It was good, great even - can't argue with that, but I'm expecting to be similarly hyped up by at least a few other movies this year.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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