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Wonder Woman (2009)

Wonder Woman (2009)

On an isle of Amazons there lives a princess, a strong-willed (and strong) women who, with a little help from a US Army Pilot, bridges the gap between the human world and her own. There's a clash between good and evil that involves the whole world, there's a romance aaand there's a lot of good action. It's an animated movie in typical Marvel style, not very complex, but very fluid and fast-paced. It had a good plot, good animation and good voice-acting.

Overall it's a great movie, and there are things going on all the time, from beginning to end. And the main character is a sexy femme fatal, so... it was a good watch. :) Kind of reminds me of Luffy's time on the Amazon island in One Piece, but maybe that story actually fetched inspiration from this one? Either that, or... not. Amazons are a much older legend after all.

Prepare for yet another Marvel masterpiece! Edit: Or in this case DC! My bad.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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