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Wonder Woman (2013)

Wonder Woman (2013)

In searching for older Wonder Woman movies I stumbled upon this: a three minute short by Rainfall Films.

It's a fan-made thing, though it's more like a glorified trailer than it is a film - completely without dialog or script, and with hazy camera graphics (no doubt to allow for special effects on a budget). But it was good!

Rileah Vanderbilt plays the woman, and a few other girls that look like models play some of the other Amazons. There's one fight in the city, and one at home - both in slow motion, pompous music playing in the background... and that's it.

It's definitely worth three minutes to watch though. That's way less time than it took to write this review! And just a bit more than it takes to read it.

I wonder if this was just a 'tribute' to the 2011 pilot, or if it was intended as more, and if this was ultimately what pushed them to make the new and improved one (the full movie) in 2017... as a little glimpse of what it could have been. It might. It was a pretty good glimpse.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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