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I picked 20 apples yesterday, and realized when walking home with them in my pockets that apples are progressively heavy. :P I'll be making an apple pie soon though...

Back to the subject (well, there wasn't really one to begin with, other then the one of apples, but we will be creating one now). just celebrated their 3rd Birthday! And the boss had a real nice cake specially designed just for him. Post a comment to see the pictures. :P

That brings me to the third subject. I have completely forgotten when CyberDyze's birthday is, so lets say it's the 4.4.4. It was somewhere around that date anyway...

And for the next subject now. I made a new gallery! YAY! A very simple one driven by a one-page PHP script, but it still looks nice. You'll find it on the scripts page.

And finally, I have set the launching dates for both remaining new sites. Here they are:

Unlyrical - September 13.
CyberDoze - September 23.

Holical hasn't been updated since before summer, so it seems pretty dead, but it's not as dead as it looks. I'll have it completely revived in just a few days, with more information and multimedia. Oh, and a bunch of new Anime Radio Channels will be up within the next few days.


Naruto Fan Cake

Naruto Fan Cake From A Different Angle


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  1. n3s
    Thursday Sep/14/2006


  2. Dave
    Friday Sep/22/2006

    I'd eat that.

  3. Cyberdevil
    Friday Sep/22/2006

    rolflol, sometimes I really do wish I lived in Canada . . .

  4. Dave
    Friday Sep/22/2006

    Canada? WTF? Why not America?

  5. Cyberdevil
    Friday Sep/22/2006

    That cake was made in canada, fool.

  6. Cyberdevil
    Friday Sep/22/2006

    Tazmo live in Canada, fool.

  7. Cyberdevil
    Friday Sep/22/2006

    The narutofan boss, fool.

  8. Dave
    Friday Sep/22/2006

    How foolish.

  9. n3s
    Friday Sep/22/2006


  10. Cyberdevil
    Friday Sep/22/2006


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