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WordPressing Troublings

I'd like to tag a bunch of posts with a specific tag, then have various sections within those posts highlighted (words only) when viewed on that specific tag page and not when the post is viewed as is or in the category listings, etc. Could this be done?

I have lots of pieces of poetry scattered around in different posts, and I'd like them to be browsable separately in one way or another, without really separating them from the posts. Maybe sections of posts can be embedded within some tag that then fetches these sections to a separate page?

I'm getting things sorted out. Lately I've been experiencing way too many 500 Internal Server Errors here at CDB, I don't know if it's something that bothers users too or if it's just a problem on the administrative end of the site. Regardless, it needed to be fixed. Refreshing a page after an error doesn't make things better, but after around half an hour I can refresh the page and see it again, so with this error popping up every now and then I've been browsing through all posts and prolonging the post titles. Say WTH?

One word. Duplicate titles. Ok, that's two words, I'm not a multibum, but you catch the point. Right? Duplicate titles aren't allowed on a WP installation, and even though they work when in different sections conflicts do arise with the script and thus also errors. Example, I had a post titled Audazitty at, and a page with the same title at Not good. Both post and page can be visited and you probably won't notice anything, but underneath the surface there's an internal struggle going on. WP is thinking, should I display this post? Or that page? And sometimes it just gives up and gives us a 500 instead.

Actually I don't know if that's how it works, but I read somewhere about conflicting slugs, so I got rid of them.

Also, I won't be posting any short titles in the future. I stopped with that a long time ago anyway but sometimes I forget, and still do it, and then later on problems occur when I wish to post a page with a short name for URL simplicity, or a tag, or something. So anyway, that's what's going on under the good. I'm about to dive back down and get things done. Later.


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