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World War Z (2013)

World War Z (2013)

So it's yet another one of these post-apocalyptic movies huh, this time featuring Brad Pitt as a run down scientist who travels the world to search for a cure, to save his wife and daughter, to make the world a better place - as he embarks on a gritty and chaotic journey through calamity and chaos undiscriminated.

If you're not tired of these kinds of movies yet, this might be one you'd appreciate. It's filmed well, it looks good, it feels real - as real as it can feel with zombies running rampant along the freeways, and it's got good actors innit.

It also has a big segment with Israel, a country I don't think I've seen in a zombie movie before, which now that I have makes me realize that I'd have liked to see them earlier. I read a lot about how efficient Israeli Intelligence and military is (and I have no doubt they are), and this movie seems to convey that in a suitable, albeit tragic way. Or, you could say it's symbolic, in how their walls are overrun by not just zombies, but the zombies of their sworn enemies - even when they are helping those same people. I didn't realize this potential symbolism when I watched the movie, but if it is intentional maybe there are other, similar, references that passed me by unnoticed that make this into somewhat of a unique blend of survival zombie horror thriller killer.

So, there's that one scene from Israel, but most of the movie takes place elsewhere, in much more isolated areas, isolated and packed intertwined. It was a good watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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